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Seeing All of the Featured Rider Profiles

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  • Seeing All of the Featured Rider Profiles

    We have quite a few Featured Rider profiles posted. If you are only seeing a few, here is what you can do to view them all:

    --At the Rider Profiles/Interviews homepage, scroll down to the controls toward the bottom of the page
    --In the left bottom corner in the "Thread Display Options" section, in the "Show threads from..." field select "Beginning"
    --Then click the "Show Threads" button

    You should see all of the Featured Rider Profiles posted. Enjoy!
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    Boards ridden, some owned: Sherpas, Spruce 120 "STS", Blunts, DS110 custom prototypes, Rockered Condors, Revolts, DLPs, Summit Custom 110s, Summit Marauders, Head 94s, Raptor prototypes, Osprey prototypes.