These are the intructions supplied by Intuition for self heat molding their liners when you buy a "fit kit" from them:

Intuition Liners Home Fitting Instructions

1. Take out your fit kit from your liners; this includes 1 pair of fitting socks, 1 pair of toe caps.
2. Take your old liners out of your boots and replace them with your new Intuition liners.
3. Remove 1 fitting sock from the package.
4. Fill the sock with 3-4 Ibs of long or short grain white rice. That's right, fill it with rice! Use 3 Ibs. of rice for sizes 9 and below and 4 Ibs. of rice for sizes 10 and above.
5. Now tie a knot at the end of the sock. A figure eight if you know how or a granny knot will also work.
6. Spread the sock out on a counter and form it into a large, long sausage shape.
7. Place the rice sock into your microwave oven; be sure to keep it in an even tubular shape.
8. Set your oven on one of the following settings based on the ovens wattage output 700W - 7 min / 1000 - 1100W 5 min / 1200 - 1250W 4 min
9. Heat the rice sock in the oven for the specified time.
10. Place the toe cap on your foot, left or right your choice. Be sure to place the Intuition logo on
your big toe.
11. Place the other fitting sock over the toe cap and pull up the sock evenly, eliminating all wrinkles.
12. When the timer goes off pull your rice sock out of the oven by the knotted end. Be careful it's hot and you could get burned!
13. Hold it by the knot and place it into your liner. You will need to work the rice sock into your liner by hitting the boot into the floor multiple times first on its heel and then on it's toe. Keep on tapping it into the floor going back and forth between the heel and toe until the rice sock has settled deeper into the liner.
14. Set a timer for 5-7 minutes and let the boot stand with the rice sock inside the liner.
15. Remove the rice sack after at least 5 minutes and place your foot in the boot liner with your toe cap on securely. Buckle up or lace up your boot to the normal tension settings. Keep weight on your boot for 5 - 7 minutes, walking around occasionally.
16. You are now done. Remove your foot, take off the sock and toe cap and get ready to do the next boot in the same way.
If you have any questions or concerns give us a call at (604) 879-9231 or send us an e-mail

Have fun and enjoy your new liners.