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Skiboard Construction - Sidewall Construction

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  • Skiboard Construction - Sidewall Construction

    I started doing some research today into the various materials that goes into a skiboard and found a wealth of information. What started this was comparing the Summit Maurader 125 vs the Lacroix Carbon 125, with the Maurader using p-tex 4000 vs. Lacroix using p-tex 2000. Therefore, I think it could be helpful to start some threads about the materials used.

    This thread is about sidewall construction:

    Sidewall construction comes in two major flavors: cap construction and sandwich construction. Cap construction is a type of sidewall construction where the topsheet is rounded to meet the metal edges, and it has a few advantages:

    It's cheaper to build.
    It makes it easier to create a skiboard that is more torsionally stiff.
    It can provide more edge hold, because the edge profile is thinner than sandwich construction.
    Cap boards tend to be more lively.

    and disadvantages:

    They have durability problems: they will start to lose their structural integrity if they get dinged from the side.
    They are difficult if not impossible to repair.
    Cap construction is also somewhat weaker than sandwich construction.

    Despite having good edge hold, cap boards tend to transmit the all the terrain bumps to the rider.

    Sandwich construction is a type of sidewall construction that looks like a sandwich from the side. It is stronger than cap construction, more durable, and easy to repair. Nominally, skiboards with sandwich construction have less torsional stiffness, but skiboard makers who know what they are doing can build a board with sandwich construction and still maintain good torsional stiffness. Slantwall construction is a type of sandwich construction, and may help provide more edge hold with a thinner edge profile.
    Edward in NYC

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    Great discussion Ed , and important info for folks thinking about different boards ... From my own collection ....
    The spruce 120 and Sherpa 130 are cap boards . The Summit Marauder 125 and the Lacroix 125 are sidewall construction . The AlP 110 , Summit 110 and Ktp 101 are all side wall construction .
    Performance wise , I can't say I notice all that much difference in riding my Spruce Boards vs the Marauder long board .
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