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    I hadn't seen this before. Nice job Jason. | Beginner Guide

    Beginner’s Guide

    Whether you’re thinking of picking up skiboarding or simply want to know what the hell this is all about well then this is the guide for you. We’ll do our best to let you know the in’s and out’s of skiboarding basics.

    What is a/are skiboards?

    There is no definition per say of what is a skiboard, and there are many schools of though, here is what we think is most appropriate; Skiboards are skis which are roughly one meter in length, and generally are wider and more symmetrical than regular skis. What do you do with these? Well you slide down snowy hills, runs or mountains of course. There short length makes them quick and nimble which makes them particularly great in glades and in the terrain park, but they can be used anywhere.

    Is it easier than regular skiing?

    Because of the short length the learning curve for the basics is defiantly easier to get down than skiing. But once you get into more high performance areas like big jumps and deep powder riding, its actually a little trickier because of their short length. Beginner’s should be really careful, statistically, most accidents happen in skiboarding during your first day of skiboard, when over confident people try to go over their limits from the false impression they get that the sport is “easy”.

    Is this a safe sport?

    Any sport you do comes with its risks for injury. Some people get a false perception that skiboarding in unsafe because of the wide spread use of non-releasable bindings, and myth and stories they hear of people trying them out and getting hurt. Truth is, statistically, skiboarding is the safest snow sport, with less injuries percentage wise than other snow sports. Like mentioned before however, beginner’s are especially susceptible to injuries, because they feel over confident from the short learning curve, and ride beyond their abilities. The most common form of injury for skiboarders are lower-leg injuries.

    Non-releasable bindings?

    Because of the short length, skiboards give less leverage, and therefore use of non-releasable bindings is generally safe, and widespread. If you are concerned about twisting a leg and getting injured, there are releasable binding options.

    44 and 410

    This is the standard insert pattern (where the screws are placed) for skiboards and skiboard bindings. Most skiboards will have these, but not all. Lower end skiboard usually won’t have this. 44 means the screws are set 4 cm apart from each other, and are used for non-releasable bindings and on skiboards under 110 cm long. 410 is used by skiboards over 110 cm, for use with releasable bindings. This is because over 110 cm there is a bigger risk of injury with non-releasable bindings.

    What does “setting back” mean?

    Most skiboards generally ride best when the center of your boot is aligned with the center of you bindings, which is aligned with the deepest part of the sidecut of your boards. However, setting the bindings back, by moving the boot towards the rear of the skiboards is going to provide some more “lift” when riding soft snow and powder. You can set back the bails on your bindings, some bindings also have a set back feature on them. The new Revel8 KTP also have and extra set of inserts, so all you have to do is mount your bindings on the rear inserts. Some people have said that some boards ride better with a slight set-back, regardless of the center of the sidecut. The best way is to find out is to experiment a little yourself!
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    thanks, if anyone has anythign to add or any requests let me know!
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      Looks pretty rock solid to me.
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        Will there be any mention of construction? I know that insert patterns are discussed, but will the foam vs. wood core issue be touched on?

        My only real criticism would be that the grammar and spelling need adjusted in several places. It's quite readable as is, but that kind of thing is something I notice.
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