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What I Love About Skiboarding...

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    I am in the double digits as far as years go on skiboards. I have ridden just about every length, width, and flex of skiboard there is to ride. I have ripped every type of terrain that god put on this earth. I have greatly enjoy progressing over the years in my riding. Riding skiboards is an awesome experience, and they are awesome little tools for the mountain, but the thing that I love most about skiboarding is the community and the people I have met through the years. I can truly say that some of my best friends are right here on this forum. I know people across the country, and across the world to be honest. Its really cool to know what good friends we have in this community, and know that if we need a place to bunk, or a friend to ride with, there will always be someone on this forum willing to help out. So to all my friends and family on this forum, thank you, you are why I love skiboarding.