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  • DIN settings

    I have axium binding with the Exclaim riser on Revolt Trees.

    I'm 5'7" and weigh 70kg. (150lbs)

    I had them checked by a ski tech and he just asked me what i weighed and set both to heel & toe to 6.5 - it felt like a clumsy measurement.

    Any advice on DIN settings for this rig for intermediate to steep groomers and easy/intermediate off-piste riding.

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    Doesn't sound too 5'6/7 and 60kg and ride with an 8 on the front and a 7 on the back.

    cos the thought of pre-release is badtimes.
    all the gear and relatively little idea.

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      i'd bump that up to seven or so, 6.5 you're gonna pop out pretty easily. just try some trial and error, take some REALLY hard turns and see if you pop out



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        I'm 5'10", I ride with mine 7front and 7back since I adjusted them they haven't released.


        incorrectly, released incorrectly.
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          Check this site out for a starting point:


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            Thanks for that...

            That site gives me 7.5 DIN, however without wanted to get this into a technical physics discussion, something in the back of my head says that surely ski length is a factor here (the length of the levers involved) as Skiboards are shorter then there is less leverage involved in a fall, so should they be set at a lower DIN than long skis?

            Any thoughts?


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              Check out the information at this site:

              The site is not new, but it has a good discussion of the length factor in establishing the correct DIN for a skiboard. Their recommendation is to reduce the heel setting 60% but leave the toe at the standard setting. If you are really aggressive, you might find that you will need further tweaking on your settings, but this is a good place to start. I've been using their formula for several years now and have had no problems.

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                Yeah, I had my DIN set a little too light because I was concerned about not releasing on a hard fall, but today I had two prereleases while riding moguls. One led to a pretty nice faceplant (video to come hopefully in the next few days). I need to crank them up at least one more level, possibly two. Going to try em up one first though. I would rather have a fall from a prerelease than to take a hard fall and snap my leg (in most circumstances at least).
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                  the thought of my skiboards releasing in anything but the worst of crashes really doesnt agree with me, i personally think you need them higher than ski settings.
                  all the gear and relatively little idea.

                  riding condors




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                    This is my first year skiboarding having come over from snowboarding. I've never been on regular skis so when the question of DIN settings came up I all too naturally just stood there looking stupid. I was concerned about being bolted in tight as one of my knees has been exposed to surgeons on a few occasions. I'm 6'2", 220lbs and am riding Spruce 120's. I began the season with a DIN of 5 all around. I'm currently running 7 on the front and 8 on the back. That works well for me while still allowing for an appropriate level of release. I do believe a lot goes into the decision. Hell, I would suggest cranking them down a notch or 2 and adjusting them tighter as you find yourself releasing. It is my opinion that the DIN should hold you firm for whatever you want to do and release when your doing what you don't want to do. The harder I began to carve and the steeper terrain that carving took place and talking to people I knew to be good skiers and who also knew me to include my style and condition was/is my key to proper DIN settings.
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