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    Some bad advice

    Just to let you all know as a newbie: your online competitor tells newbies like me to skip the greens and go for the blues and blacks on your first day. That's not really why I did it, bu it was in the back of my mind. That's also not why I got I injured. That was due to jumping off a lift not going down a black. Bu he gives all sorts of weird advice like re-drilling your board to put snowboard bindings on them. He also told me I'd need a skinny kids board since I'm so little. Anyway I kind of digressed from this topic, but just to let you know what bad advice there is out there. I'm so glad I found you guys instead. I think I'll try that black again tomorrow... My knee is feeling better...


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      Yogi, I know exactly what you're talking about, I read that too. Hearing that made me a bit apprehensive my first day out. I felt like I wouldn't "get it" trying skiboarding on green runs. Had I started on a blue, I probably would have wrapped myself around a tree! I'm grateful I spent the first full day on greens, and maybe one or two easy blues. I, thankfully, picked up skiboarding in 3 short green runs. But I didn't let that go to my head. I did try a few small boxes my first day, but those were something I felt comfortable doing. We all learn things at a different pace, and to tell someone to try something beyond their capabilities is CRAZY! The beauty of this sport is that you go at your own pace, it's easy to learn slowly and easy to progress quickly. Do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Don't ever let others talk you into something if you're not ready. On my 4th day out, my husband (on a snowboard) and I on skiboards found ourselves on a black run by accident that wasn't marked very well. I managed quite well, but I didn't feel good enough to do that again.
      Moral of the story: Go at your OWN pace. Screw what everyone else thinks!
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        Amen to that. When I think of a quick learning curve, I'm thinking that by the end of the season, if you go rather regularly, you should feel pretty confident. I read on the other sight about starting on blues and had that same feeling that I might not "get it" on the greens. But the first 3 times out, I pretty much stayed on greens and told my husband not to "push" me or I might hurt myself and not want to skiboard again.

        Once I got comfortable, I pushed myself, and have taken a couple of blacks the last couple of times, but I still know and work within my limits.


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          Yeah, the last half of last season was my first on Skiboards, I think I was probably taking blacks by the second day, but I also really push myself (I've got the whole indistructible young person mentality at times), and was trying to keep up with my snowboarder friends the entire time. The main thing to remember is just to do what you're actually comfortable with.
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            Conditions also make a big difference. An icy green run can be more dangerous than a consistently smooth blue or black.

            But like everyone is saying, it comes down to what you are comfortable with, which translates into confidence.

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              I'm glad I found this thread before the snow arrives here in scotland . Not a good idea getting badly injured at my age...
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