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Waxing Foam Core?

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  • Waxing Foam Core?

    Possibly a stupid question, but should you hot wax a foam core skiboard. I just purchased a pair of "Big Foot's," and was wondering if hot wax would damage the bases since they are not made of wood. Thanks in advance for any help!

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    well over looking the fact that you bought foam core skiboards (poor poor guy, should have came here first)

    waxing them is perfectly fine the wax will only get into the base of the skiboard and shouldn't make it to the foam core unless you have a major hole or something in the base in which case i would be a little more worried about the affects of water than wax

    So go ahead wax those babies all you want
    you never really don't realize it, you just quit caring...


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      bigfoots? cmon.
      arent those made by fisher price?


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        hey dude...without the bigfoot we probly wouldnt be where we are be on some form of the Atomic Figl(Glider) or some other homemade fierngliters(spelling)