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dalbello krypton rampages?

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  • dalbello krypton rampages?

    Just came from my local skishop,
    they had salomon performa 8s for $250
    or dalbello krypton rampages for $400.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    local shop has the dalbellos for $200 but only 1 left!


    and they have the Performas for $170 - in limited sizing
    Dave | Elevendy


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      good looks man, i really appreciate it
      only thing is they dont have my size
      in any event, i think im gunna go with the diabellos.
      hopefully i just made a good decision cus i know nothingab out ski boots!


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        did you try both on?

        you should prepare to spend plenty of time trying both out - your spending a good chunk of change on these things. When I went to get my boots I stayed for over an hour standing and walking in different boots.
        Dave | Elevendy


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          yea i was at the ski store for like 2 hours trying on boots. I have two different size feet (im a freak), so it made the process more difficult. I was really surprised cus i wear a 9.5-10.5 shoe and the boots I bought were 26.5 diabello rampages.
          so excited to get some skiboards and hit the slopes i cant even tell you. final exams, then hear I come!


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            Yes, you might find you fit larger or smaller in boots. Just depends on the boots.


            Spruce 120s(x2), ALPs(x3), Lacroix 99's, BWPs.


            Pro Prime Riser/Rossi Bindings(x2).


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              I know a couple of you out there have a pair of these boots, so I'm hoping you'll catch this post.

              How exactly do you set-up your rampages for skiboarding, I mean these things are very adjustable. Wedge free? Canting? Do you use any of the inserts? What's that best way to get these bad boys as upright as possible?


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                1) Flex: i use the softer (remove the black thing) for park, and harder (insert the black thing in the upper position) for piste and powder; in both configuration they're anyway soft enough
                NOTE: you should have instruction, anyway, to see the flex adjuster you've to pull out the liner
                NOTE 2: there are 2 type of "black thing", one for the 4 mm forward lean inserts, and one for the 8 mm forward lean inserts; if you don't use the forward lean inserts (that will be the case) use the "black thing" for 4 mm

                2) Forward lean: just pull out the black thing ther's on the back of the boots, just above the heel (easier if you pull out the liner)

                3) Canting: this all depends on your comfort and the shape of your legs, i set them with -1 degree for the left foot and -2 for the right foot

                4) There are also 2 inserts to place under the liner, i use them, but just because i feel more comfortable, you just have to try different configuration and see which one fits you best
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