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    The Line Pro SkiBoards feature a wide-body, twin-tip shape, making it a very stable ski blade with good floatation on all terrain and conditions. The Pro Skiboard is an aggressive, high-performance, twin tip skiblade for dedicated riders looking to take it to the next level. Its user-friendly binding enables you to adjust and fit your friends’ and families’ boots on the go.

    This skiboard has a Aspen Macroblock high strength light-weight core. The Real Twin Tip technology is the original, one-of-a-kind, patented, equal height tip and tail: the design that started the twin tip revolution. This technology gives the rider smooth consistent fakie riding on all terrain and conditions.

    Each is a bi-directional twin tip skiboard with a 4D Fibercap. In the 4D Fibercap, fiberglass is wrapped around the core in 4 directions which maximizes responsiveness throughout the ski with extreme sidewall durability and edge power.

    These skiboards also feature Line's Progressive Stance technology in which the boot’s mounting point is forward of traditional mounting, and slightly back from center. This gives the rider enhanced balance, maneuverability and fakie riding control. (See inset).

    # Line rates the all moutain freeride performance of these blades as follows (these are rated on the same scale as full size skis so naturally they will rate slightly lower than full length skis): 3/5 in powder
    # 4/5 on groomed
    # 5/5 in a park
    # 3/5 in moguls
    # 4/5 in trees

    # Features: Real twin-tip for smooth consistent fakie riding on all terrain and conditions
    # Progressive stance for enahnced maneuverability and fakie riding control
    # Aspen Macroblock™ Core makes these boards super light-weight (100% wood core)
    # 4D Fibercap

    Heres some specs for Line Pro Flyer

    I noticed wood core witch is good.

    Can your give me the pros and cons please?

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    can someone dig up some past posts discussing line?

    the biggest problem is line's boards aren't 4x4 they are about 8 hole in the FAQ's here:

    keep asking's the only way to learn...and we all love talking about skiboards so you've come to the right place.



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      Thank you I read that whole thing but I believe the Line Pro's are wood core 8 hole?


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        yes they are wood core which is good but they are also 8 hole which is bad because of the reasons outlined in the FAQ.



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          Here's a good one that sums up our current feelings...

          Why we love Them...