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Just got off GROOVE TAXI'S...what do I buy?

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  • Just got off GROOVE TAXI'S...what do I buy?

    Hi. New here, first post. I just got back from a ski weekend in Tahoe (Heavenly) and my uncle had an old pair of Groove Taxi's with him. I've been skiing 180's for a few years and getting pretty good, but always felt that something was strange. Maybe it's because I played hockey for 15 years of my life and have been rollerblading since the day they were invented (they started as screw-on black blades with orange wheels you would attach to the bottom of your hockey skate with the blade removed). Anyway, I strapped on the Taxi's and fell in love. First run was a blue, and within the first 45 seconds of getting off the chair, I was doing 360's in both directions. This is what I was missing!

    If you have never heard of them, The Groove Taxis are 77cm and 140mm X 110mm X 140mm. Short and fat.

    I stayed on them all day and the following day, my girlfriend (excellent skier) and i were bombing down The Face through the moguls and ice. She was just as amazed as I was at the learning curve. She tried them and hated "not being in control". Oh well, more for me.

    I now NEED to buy some, and all I've done for the past three days is research these things. Apparently, there's a difference between boards and blades. Not sure what, except Solomon makes blades and I should stay away.

    I liked the 77cm but I'm wondering if I would like a little longer ski. I'm anxious to go into the park to play around, but I'm 32, 6'0 and 170lb and not 16 anymore, so the need for big air is decreasing as fast as my health insurance is increasing. I love the powder on skis, like quick turns and big carves and loved the bouncing around the bumps on the boards. I don't need to go extremely fast (see insurance reference above) but still have to keep up with my girlfriend.

    From the research so far, it looks like the Snowjam 90's would be a great fit for my style. Any opinion on those? I'd like to keep expenses down to around $250 at most...just cause it's my first pair and I might change later. I get maybe 6-10 days a season, but thinking of moving to CO next year where I'll go all the time.

    Any thoughts? Sorry for the length. I tend to blab on these things.

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    I would reccomend the ben wannamaker or the tansho from revel 8 they are 98 and 90cm, respectively.

    the thing with salomon snowblades is outlined in a thread on the forum here, check it out when you get a chance.

    If you're thinking of going to CO, I'd get the Ethan Mitchell Pros, you notice that extra length on heavy carving.



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      Cool, thanks. I was just looking at the BWP's. It seems like the more I read, the more people love the EMP's. Is it that much of a difference going from 90's to 105's as far as control or maneuverability? I tend to go by reviews when I buy things like this and the EMP's have the highest reviews for overall mountain stuff...


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        First of all, welcome!
        Second, I think you should get a pair that you'll stick with, as you'll get used to them and feel extremely comfortable to you.
        Third and most importantly, the boards. I, like you, spent hours researching before I bought anything. No need to fear salomons here, SBOL only sells true, high quality skiboards. The main differences between skiboards and snowblades are the core (skiboards are wood, snowblades are foam), the width (skiboards are extremely wide and snowblades are more ski-like), and the bindings (snowblades have 8-hole non-replacable plastic bindings while almost all skiboards have aluminum bindings). That was a just-so-you know blurb. Back on topic now. For your riding style I would think you should go with something a little longer than the 77cm or even the 90cm boards. They are ideal mainly for park riding. Don't fall into the trap of thinking that anything under 100cm is not a skiboard; that is totally false. They will still feel like skiboards through and through. If you are going to be doing CO skiboarding, you'll probably want a long(er) board than the Grooves. As far as what boards in particular, I really love and support Revel8. Phenominal boards, and they're made by Greco from SBOL. I think you'd like the ALP or EMP. I know I wouldn't trade my EMPs for anything. They handle beautifully and feel absolutely solid. The flex is consistent throughout the boards, and they are wicked fast. I don't know much about snowjam, so I can't really vouch for them.
        As far as bindings go, if you want releasables, I can't help you. For non-release, which is what I recommend, go with the bomber elites. You'll never have to buy another binding in your life, and they perform magnificently.
        Conclusion: EMPs with Bomber Elites. It may cost you a little more now, but I feel that you will not regret it.

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          awesome. Thanks so much for the info. I'll take it all into consideration and I'm sure I'll be going with the EMP's. I guess I'll just have to suck up the price and do it. Thanks again.

          just checked the site again....where do I find Bomber Elite bindings?
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            They're sold out for the season. Your next best bet are the Line FFPro's, but if you're worried about the cost, you could get SnowJam Extreme II's for now. They aren't as good as the FFPro's, but they aren't bad either.
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              if you're hittin big time mountains shat possibly even look into the adam lynams