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Quads cramping while skiboarding

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  • Quads cramping while skiboarding

    Lately my Quads are cramping up while skiboarding. Usually starts to happen after 2 hrs of boarding. Does anyone have any thoughts or have this problem too?

    Incase you need to know equipment information. I got SJ 90's and Groove BGP's. And since I ski on the East Coast the condition is usually some what icey.

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    cramping or burning? and i'm assuming this has never happened to you before. are your riding differently lately?

    if they are cramping i would say you're not hydrated enough. drink plenty of water before riding.

    if they are burning i say welcome to the club. because of the aggressive stance we use when riding fast and carving hard your quads tend to remain flexed for long periods of time, which equals burning sensations but at least you know it's building muscle. so the more you do it, the stronger your legs get and the less it should pain no gain.



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      Stretch more... but yeah that just means you're riding harder than you used to. If you want to progress, there's gonna be pain along the way.
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        This year is the first I have noticed it. It has happened 2 of the last 3 times I have been out. I guess I am boarding way more aggresive then last year. I think next time I will be taking some gatorade with me... maybe that will let me enjoy boarding a little longer. Thanks guys


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          if it's a cramp, it can also be a sign of not getting enough potassium.

          Banannas are a good remedy if thats the case.

          It also could be caused (since you mentioned going more aggressive lately) from keeping the muscles clenched longer than you body is used to, especially if they are already tired. Stretching before and after can usually help with that (a lot less soreness the next day if you stretch after physical exertion as well).


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            like everybody says cramps come from lack water and overuse of muscles.

            since your riding a bit more agressive i suggest when your not boarding, do a little conditioning workout for your legs. conditioning goes a long way. Best exercise that i would recommend are squats. lunges and calf raises. the better condition your legs are, the harder, faster and you can push with stability.

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              just aggressive rollerblade man, that stuff will seriously increase your leg strength. i havent worked out for 2 years, and im in better shape than i was when i worked out. skating increases ab, calf, quad, ham, and the hip-area strength. went from lifting like 150 pounds on leg press with my legs before skating, went up to 335 2 years later after skating.

              "transferred" my skills to skiboarding, riding freestyle nonstop and nothing ever cramps.

              working out is great, not saying skating is a better workout, but it's much easier to stay committed to something you find to be fun than something that is just a routine. also tend to find yourself doing it more. and it doesnt hurt that a lot of the tricks as well as riding are similar. doesn't hurt in the off-season either.

              if you aggro rollerblade as it is, i guess just work out... or skate a lot one.


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                i totally see your point in doing it for the love the the sport, but getting in better condition will only enhance your skating and your skiboarding skills. IM pretty sure that skating and skiboarding increased your legpress, but im also sure that if you were working out on a regular basis you would be even in better condition. its all relative, take care of your body and you will reach even higher levels. dont take my word for it, just look at todays professional sports. other than that, keep boarding and have fun


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                  as Awsian says

                  lack of water

                  also stretch and do some workouts

                  ok that is all

                  and that's your Ski patrol tip of the week
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                    well it could be that you're doing more.....but it could also be that you're going to slow and carving too much....going in near horrizontal lines across the moutain can really cramp up the quads
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                      slow....I got abs(laughing hard) over that one. I am pretty much flying by people all the time. So since I am a speed demon, I have an aggressive stance which means the legs are working hard the whole time. Moral of the story...I need to do some preseason conditioning so the legs get use to the abuse of the aggressive stance. Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions.


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                        I just had an experience last week at Brighton mountain in Utah that made me think of this post.

                        I was riding for the first time in a few weeks and my legs were KILLING me!! I couldn't figure it out. I could barely get down the hill. I thought I was falling apart with age or something. THEN, I realized both my boots were in powder mode which locks the forward flex so I couldn't lean back completely.. it was just a few degrees, not even really noticeable but once i turned off powder mode and made sure they were in walk mode I was bombing for the rest of the day with no leg pain... just an FYI.



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                          Hey Greco

                          What boots do you have? What degree setting to you keep yours in or are you always in walk mode? I have the Raichle SB 423 Ski Boots. I keep mine set at around 3 or which every number has the arrows. Maybe that is my problem or at least part of it.


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                            i have the deeluxe lemans which is the exact same as the sb423 i believe. i have them set for walk mode which is full motion, the boot will flex fully forward and back.

                            if you have them locked at position 3 then that is your problem because powder mode does the same thing... locks the flex at 3.

                            put them in walk mode and make sure the dial i pointing up and i think you're going to see a world of difference.



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                              Hey Greco, I'm in need of some new boots, i'm probably gonna wait till early next season but which would you suggest(thinking you tried a couple of models?) I was thinking of the Salomon Verse or Performa series. But now all you do is rave about thsoe Lemans boots. Which are good and comfortable?