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    I just have a question regarding the difference between skiboards and snowboarding on your knees.

    I have bad knees one of which I've had surgery on and I am wondering if skiboarding is easier than snowboarding on them? I have snowboarded twice and it seemed like the rotational torque needed to turn really messes with your knees. Is this alleviated with skiboards since you are facing forward? Any info on this would be greatly appreciated.


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      A topic near and dear to my heart - knees. My left knee has been completely reconstructed twice and before/between those 2 significant sessions I had a number of arthroscopic surgeries. Obviously, any question like this is personal and depends on your current condition but one of the reasons I skiboard is that it has never given my knee a second of grief. Ever. Not during or after. No pointed or general pain, no swelling, no weakness. Very body friendly in my experience. I consider myself a solid, intermediate, all-mountain rider who very much enjoys winding it up, I'm totally comfortable on terrain up to 35 degrees and this season have been on 42 degrees. Up to 35 I'll carve at what amounts to be full speed if conditions are smooth. Beyond that I intentionally reel it in a notch. I do moguls but am in the beginner stages but hopefully climbing out to entry level intermediate before end of season, I'm beginning to play in the park, can effectively do little tricks like ground 180's and 360's, ride fakie and do jumps that do not require flight reservations. So, I hope that gives you an idea of how I act and the pressures I place on my knees. Oh, I'm 6'2" and 220lbs. If you knee does not drop you on your ass getting out of a car I'd say skiboarding will be good to you. If your knee does drop you on your ass getting out of a car then I'd suggest getting back under the knife of an experienced sports surgeon (they only care about strength and stability as opposed to cosmetics) and certainly hope to see you on the slopes next season.
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        Nice, thanks for the in-depth reply. If you can get out there then I shouldn't have too much trouble. That is as long as some cartilage doesn't slip locking my knee and tumbling me down the mountain. I guess I'll worry about that when it happens.


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          HAHA that is soooo true why do so many snowboarders just go to terrain parks and sit there all day and get in my f***** way? I especially hate when they sit at the bottom of a jump!
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            Originally posted by bigpopa52999 View Post
            I used to skiboard 4 years and i havent been since about 04. i loved it and want to get back in to it. I guess my question is i just making sure people still do it

            I still Ride, and always will.