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    Hi everyone, many thanks for adding me to the forum!

    A bit about my background in the sport: I haven't really got any! I've been skiing on long skis for 20+ years, in various resorts in France, Italy, Austria and Canada. Not long after I started skiing, I saw my first snowblades and skiboards being used, and thought they looked great, people having loads of fun, but the non-release bindings did put me off getting some for myself. So, I stuck with the long skis, and over time improved my skills and skiing style. Due to my job, and then the dreaded 'Rona, I had an enforced break away from skiing for a few years and it was like having my legs cut off! Last year the planets aligned, I changed my job, and I was finally able to get back on the snow again. I spent a week in Saalbach, and once again saw people having loads of fun on blades and skiboards, but now a lot of them had release bindings fitted, which really got my interest. I went skiing again in January and February this year, chatted to a few of people who had them on the slopes, and they couldn't say enough good things about them. That really made me finally decide to get some. Well, that, and when I asked one of the people who I went skiing with what they thought of them, and they said they were 'Bloody ridiculous!' To me, that made me even more determined to own some!

    So, I got back at the end of February, and within a couple of days I'd ordered some Buzz Atom 99cm's with release bindings. I'd also booked another ski trip in Austria for 2025. Well, since then, after doing a lot more reading about skiboards in particular, and what they're capable of (many thanks to information and views/reviews on here), I've ordered a pair of Eman Uprise with release bindings. I can't wait to get to use both pairs on the snow in the New Year, and this weekend I'm off to see a dedicated snowsports travel agent, to book another holiday!

    Thanks again for the really useful and informative forum and topics, I really look forward to being able to contribute more in the future.

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    Hi Major Q, Welcome to the forum!! Let us know how you get along with your new skiboards. Eager to hear about your adventures! Skiboards are a blast!
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      Major Q, congrats on going for it. You're going to have a blast. It won't take very long to get the feel of them. You'll be amazed at how easy they turn, especially on steeper stuff.


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        I'm new here as well... Although I used snowblades for many years a long time ago. Haven't used those in a long time, but wanted something more substantial to get back into it. Picked up some RVL8 skiboards. Need to get new ski boots too because my old ones are too snug... Looking forward to getting out next season.


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          Sounds like you are going to have some super memories of great Austrian skiboard trips!! And by the way, I started on Austrian Kneissl Big Foots at 68cm. Fixed bindings all the way since 1994.

          It sounds like we have some new (to me) Skiboard vendors over in Europe. The Buzz Atom and Eman Uprise are new names over here in the States.

          Welcome to the Forum and get out there on Skiboards!!!

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            The Eman Uprise skiboards arrived yesterday, and they are things of beauty! They came with bindings and mounts fitted, but also with the four hole option so I can fit Spruce risers at a later date if I want to. They need waxing before I use them, but other than that they're ready to go. Just got to put them in a bag for the next nine months, and stop torturing myself by keeping staring at them!


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              I would suggest reading through this thread on DPS Phantom permanent wax.


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                Originally posted by Baldybob View Post
                It sounds like we have some new (to me) Skiboard vendors over in Europe. The Buzz Atom and Eman Uprise are new names over here in the States.
                Hi Baldybob, thanks for the support!

                I'm based in the UK, and here's the place I got the Buzz Atoms from:


                The Eman Uprise pair I got from Skiboards EU. They're based in Prague in the Czech Republic. It was a bit of a faff with British Customs and paying duty to get them into the UK thanks to Brexit, but Jiri, the owner, was excellent and sorted everything for me.



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                  Originally posted by Major Q View Post
                  Just got to put them in a bag for the next nine months, and stop torturing myself by keeping staring at them!
                  I bought a new(ish) pair of Stickies last spring and kept thinking all summer and autumn. It was rough, but definitely worth the wait. Be strong and good luck!

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