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  • Kelmarit, Excited to Skiboard

    Hey All,
    I'm Kelmarit, I wanted to introduce myself to the forum as I'm new here and new to the sport of snow sliding in general.
    I’m excited to be a part of the community and get to meet you all.

    My first introduction to snowsports and as a former Los Angelite, interacting with snow in general was earlier this year. I learned on a pair of rental Skis with some initial instruction by a friend on SkiBoards. A transformative experience to be sure.

    I have always been stubbornly obsessed with keeping things small and preserving dexterity in all aspects of my life; I prefer motorcycles to cars and wear grotesque yet lightweight, sensitive toe shoes when at all possible. Min-maxing weight and keeping things small to a fault has always been a priority to me. Sometimes to my own detriment.
    My first thought on a pair of skis were just how long and cumbersome they were. From the very beginning, SkiBoards seemed like an obvious direction to go to express my new love of snow sports.

    I’m happy to have finally made the plunge with the help of my friends and some members of the SkiBoard connection facebook group, I picked up a pair of lightly used 2020 Crossbows with risers.
    I bring a healthy attitude to the sport and uncontainable excitement to exploring this alternative to “the big two” in snow sports. My goal is refine my technique and contribute to the growth of this sport and ensure its continued long-lived success.


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    Welcome, Kelmarit!

    Skiboards are a great way to start your snow sliding, and they'll take you a long way. I've been at it longer than I care to admit (ok, since the late '90s), and am still making continual improvements. Just had my most adventurous season ever. Glad to have you here and excited to ride!
    Drop the STICK, ride the SICK!


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