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    Quick question here... my wife wants to give boarding a try this winter and Im going to let her try it out my older MNP boards. I only have non release bindings on all of my boards so I was thinking of picking up a set of risers for her and putting them on the MNP for her since she will be just learning and might fall a decent amount. (I feel safer for her with release bindings for now)

    Do these older boards still work with the Spruce Risers?


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    That's a great idea. I use non-release too but my wife uses the Spruce risers and release bindings. And yes, the Spruce riser is 4x4 and 4x10 compatible so it will work with the old MNP and any older skiboards that have the 4cm x 4cm insert pattern. Once she falls in love with skiboarding check out the RVL8 104cm Sticky Icky Icky, it's my wife's favorite model. The narrow width and camber with rocker really allows her to feel comfortable in all terrain while still maintaining good maneuverability.


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      As long as they have 4x4 mount pattern, then yes. (And those MNPs qualify)
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        Thanks guys! I'll be ordering a set once we buy some boots for her... and yes Greco I use the ickys and love them thank you for those