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Looking to purchase my first skiboard for a big mountain trip

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  • Looking to purchase my first skiboard for a big mountain trip

    Hi everyone, I'm excited to say that I'm ready to pull the trigger and buy my first skiboard. First off, I'm a long time snow boarder who just tried skiing for the first time at the end of last season and discovered that I was actually better at it after one day than years of boarding. Go figure. So I ended up buying some second hand skis first for $50 and new boots (Salomon X Pro 120) to get started just to make sure I was making the right decision with the big change. What I discovered that I didn't like were the length of skis for mobility/crossing tips and carrying them around (Riding on some 192cm Rossignol Viper X). The speed was great, but they don't exactly give me a sense of playfulness or confidence in moguls. I've played hockey all my life and am pretty convinced that the comfort I found being on skis would be even greater on skiboards.

    I'm looking for a one board quiver on the West Coast of B.C. Canada. I'll be riding Cypress the most often but plan on making a big trip out to the Rockies and hitting up places like Revelstoke, Sunshine, Kicking Horse, Lake Louise, Mt. Norquay, Big White and so on. Thus, I plan on riding just about every type of terrain and conditions imaginable and I need some boards that will tackle anything thrown at them! I want to take them off drops and jumps as well but not really interested in boxes and rails. The idea of hiking up back country and tackling some untouched pow isn't out of the question either.

    I'm 6'1" and 195lbs.

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    Keeping in mind that I am probably much older than you, but having skied all the resorts you listed excluding Revelstoke, I would recommend the Sherpas to tackle anything thrown at them. Shorter than skis, but long enough for stability and speed in all conditions.

    Osprey, Sherpa, Custom Coda 120WT, Custom DS110, Condor (Green), Spliff

    Custom Twist Out duck foot bindings, Bombers (custom duck foot base plate and 3 pads), releasable S810ti on custom duck foot riser

    Nordica N3 NXT ski boots (best so far)

    Wife: 104 SII & 100 Blunt XL with S810ti bindings on custom "adjustable duck foot" risers

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      Luckily for you there's currently a pair being sold by a forum member :

      Keep in mind that you also need Spruce risers ( bindings are not mounted directly to boards over 110cm )
      Myself: RVL8 2015 Blunt XL, RVL8 2009 ALP "Condor", Spruce 125 LE, Spruce 2016 Osprey
      Daughter: Twoowt Pirania 95cm; RVL8 2010 Revolt Trees; Spruce 120 Yellow/Red


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        Spliffs would be my choice!

        I live and ride in Whistler, and that's what I ride.
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          Spruceski has a great board and binding package deal for the Sherpa's, but I have no idea what the difference between the 3 bindings are. I'm pretty sure my Salomon X Pro 120's are GripWalk compatible, or have them mounted already from what I could find online. Otherwise, the three bindings are as follows.

          1. Pro Riser w/SX 10 Binding and 115mm Brake - Pro Riser and Tyrolia SX 10 binding with a 115mm brake. Toe piece features multi-directional release plus Grip Walk compatibility.
          2. Pro Riser w/Tyrolia AM 12 Grip Walk Bindings - AM 12 bindings with multi-direction release at both toe and heel plus Grip Walk toe piece. Mounted on the Spruce "Pro Series" riser. An extra safe binding.
          3. Pro Riser w/Tyrolia Attack 11 Binding and 115mm Brake - Attack 11 binding with Freeride toepiece and SX heel. 115mm brake. Comes with a shim for adjustment of customer boot to the toepiece.


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            There are more detailed descriptions under the "Product design features" menu :




            The higher the price, the more features (like less weight, etc) or performance you'll be getting. But they are all good bindings, otherwise Jeff would not be selling them.
            Myself: RVL8 2015 Blunt XL, RVL8 2009 ALP "Condor", Spruce 125 LE, Spruce 2016 Osprey
            Daughter: Twoowt Pirania 95cm; RVL8 2010 Revolt Trees; Spruce 120 Yellow/Red


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              I believe the Attack11 bindings are also GripWalk compatible. My Attack13 bindings definitely are.

              I can testify that the Attack bindings are really sensitive. Having used Spruce Risers with various bindings over about 10yrs, the Attack bindings are definitely a step up. I primarily only ride them in combination with Crossbows or Slingshots nowadays, and they just respond to foot/leg movements.
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                Steep ice is the bain of my existence. If I only have one board on a big mountain it has to be Sherpa's for the max edge hold. If I know it's a big time pow day I might take something else.