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Quad burn - is it me or my gear?

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    Originally posted by Wookie View Post
    I had horrible quad burn when I started back up skiing/skiboarding about 7 years ago. There are likely archived posts of me asking the same question as in this post from back then. I was on longer boards (Spruce 120s or 170cm skis) and was in reasonably good shape (ice hockey goalie active in several men's leagues ... at the time). I thought it was everything from my boards, to my boots, to my fitness level but have convinced myself it was none of these .... today I am less fit, wearing the same boots, and ride shorter/stiffer boards and rarely get quad burn or sore legs in general.

    So what was it?

    Fear and rough technique --- When reintroducing myself to snow sports I rode defensively. Always on the brakes. Always checking my speed. Never looking ahead at what the mountain was doing and skiboarding reactively not proactively.

    Now I use turn shape to control speed, not panic "hockey stops". I am more comfortable with higher speeds and I am constantly looking down hill to plan my turns so I am not getting bumped around. I am skiboarding harder but using less energy, hence less quad burn.

    When do I "rarely" get quad burn? When I am riding with a new skier/skiboarder and I am forced to constantly brake or stand stationary while they catch-up or while I am helping with instruction.

    I know it's not great advice to say "relax, ski faster, and use less energy" but consider that this is a phase as you translate your skating skills to skiboarding. That as you get more comfortable on the hill the quad burn will lessen. While you work through this find a hot tub for apres ski soaks to help your quads recover quicker.

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      Great thread and posts from everyone! I've often wondered the same thing, I started questioning my boards and if I should just make the switch to skis. Wookie summed it up pretty good for me and that's fear and rough technique, well sort of. While I can easily carve across groomers all day with ease based on proper skiing techniques and traverse double black runs my local 750' hill always has me questioning what I'm about to ride into as nice sections of powder blend into hard pack and ice without a difference in appearance so I'm always cautious and in a reactive mode. With that said, when noticing the quad burn yesterday, primarily in powder, I had a Eureka moment and that was "just relax" and let the lead foot/skiboard take the weight and do the work, akin to a slow relaxed telemark ski method. I started using poles the last 3 times out and that has made a difference in balance and control technique vs flailing arms and I'm maintaining a more upright stance plus the poles help tremendously when you want to get in or out of areas that were difficult without prior.
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        Skis will also give you quad burn until you master the technique and fully let go in all conditions. And I bet on skis it will take much longer time