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  • Need help picking out new gear


    I have been skiboarding since I was 12. It was a relatively new sport and I bought a pair of Line Jedi's which I have been using up to last year. (im 27, so they lasted 14 years, give or take a few years).
    I lost them last year and am totally bummed. I went to see what Line has nowadays and it seems like they no longer make skiboards?

    What are your recommendations for the best company? Im not a "snowblade" fan, so Saloman's out.
    I mostly like hitting the trails but like to try my hand at a few jumps. Im 57 135pds.

    Suggestions are welcome.


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    Welcome to the forum. Glad you found us.

    Look no further than Rvl*8 as the best brand of skiboards sold by SBOL. You will find the link at the top of this page.

    Greco is the owner and provides outstanding customer service. He does not disappoint.

    Now the tough part, which skiboard? I am sure you will get a number of recommendations from forum members.

    If you have not done so already, also check out this thread for a general skiboard selection guide:

    I suspect the 105 Revolts would be a good board for you.

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      i will forever recommend either the revolts, dlp/alp, or the condors. they all have the most stability, wile still retaining that skiboard feel we all know and love. you wont be disappointed with any of those, so just find the graphic you like most and go with it.


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        Check out reviews on this forum and also at

        Lots of choices and lots of different opinions on what boards would be recommended - it all comes down to understanding what characteristics you are looking for in boards and the type of riding you do.

        Here are a few things to consider:

        Revolts - 105cm - These are classic all-arounds boards that a lot of people here ride in the park and all over the mountain.

        DLPs - Another board lots of riders here use in the park and all over the mountain. I found these to be a big jump from the Revolts, much bigger of an adjustment than 5cm length difference would indicate.

        Softer flex 110s - ALPs - These have a softer flex than the DLPs. I haven't ridden the ALPs, but I have a pair of Summit Custom 110s I really like and I have been told that the ALPs are very similar.

        Classic 98 - BWP - These are older boards, but are still in stock. Softer flex than the current boards. Coming from the Jedi's from a spec perspective these are not a huge jump.

        Allz Don't overlook these. For shorter boards these are supposed to be nice.

        KTP - These might be a big jump from the Line Jedi's but a lot of people ride here ride these in the park and all over the mountain. This might not be the perfect first choice but something to consider depending on how aggressive you ride.

        The Jedi's had the following specs: 89cm long, 11.6 cm tip/10.1 waist/11.6 tail. If you are looking for something close to this in a modern board consider:

        Rumspringa - These are supposed to be great on groomers and at your height/weight should be enough to keep you up in groomed conditions.

        Snowjam 90s - These are probably the closest in specs to the Jedi's.
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          I ride DLPs and Condors. But I would recommend Revolts as a good starter board. Then from there you could bump down to KTPs or up to DLPs.



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            I started skiboarding 2 years ago on the R8 Revolts. Never had a second thought, great and easy to ride boards!
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