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Little guy on skiboards

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  • Little guy on skiboards

    This is my Grandson (5) on his 70cm elan spidys (The Voice is his mom)

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    wow skiboarding at the age of 5.. when did you guys start him on the hills?
    Mike W.

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      We started him last year at 4.


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        Love it!!!!! That is great! Did he stop OK?
        C U N DA SNOW!


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          Originally posted by pinkkid View Post
          Love it!!!!! That is great! Did he stop OK?
          Yes he did. It's kind of interesting, starting him on such short skis or skiboards makes it real hard to snow plow. So from day 1 he started learning hockey stops. Most the time this ends up as a 180 but it seems to stop him. He also knows if he's going to fast to keep turning uphill until he slows down and when all else fails tackle the ground.

          Never the less controling speed is still the biggest issue so a lot times if we go on blue runs I put one of those harnesses with the leashes on him.