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End of First Skiboard Season

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  • End of First Skiboard Season

    Well ... this is the very first full season of snow riding for the wife and I. We went out like three times at the end of last season and both of us had been on skis a few times earlier on in our lives. Neither of us ever learned how to do it right though. Anyway ... it's been a great season ... got to do shredfest and meet some great people. Rode about a dozen or so times and might get in one or two more before all is done for the spring.

    Our season is winding down out here in Oregon ... starting to get slushy... so I thought I'd post up some footage from today. Wife is on her Mary Janes (her third time out on them) and I'm on the Spruce 120 (still trying to figure this one out - I don't seem to be able to make it do what I can do on the KTP but it's coming along and I am enjoying the ride it gives me).

    The wife has come a long way this season. Did her first real black runs today and is starting to get more confidence. I'm just trying to be more efficient, not flail around like an idiot, and not burn my legs out half-way through the day.

    Thanks to everyone on here who gave me great advice on board selection, other gear, riding tips, etc. Mucho thanks to G for making great products available. Much love to the shredfest crew - I had a blast and look forward to riding with you all again.

    Looking forward to more progress next year.

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    Hey Rob.................... lookin good
    Crossbow (go to dream board)
    Most everything else over time.
    Go Android


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      Yes!!! Very smooth. Your wife seems to have the MJ's down.

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        We're really going to have to tear up the mountain together next year.

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          Hi Robert,

          You look great! Cindy and I are excited also about boarding with you and everyone at next years Shredfest. You wife is coming this time right? She would have fun too. And don't worry snow is mushy to gone around us too. We've already switched to mountain biking for the summer.

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            Looking great Rob ... glad your wife is enjoying her MJs
            Looks like you are getting the hang of those 120s also !
            enjoy your summer hikes , looking forward to seeing you again next shredfest !

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              Wendell, Dave .... thanks .... it's coming along. I feel good about the progress I've made this year. Next season I have goals to ride the trees and backcountry pow smoothly and start hitting some medium jumps.

              Empti ... I'm definitely headed up your way next season. No excuses - we're coming out for sure. It's just way too much fun meeting and riding with new people. Besides, I'm always up for another lesson.

              CAN ... yes... the wife should be doing shredfest with us next year.
              As for spring transitions... no cycling for us (kills my cuzifit something fierce) but we are getting into hiking season. Gotta get some warm up day hikes before the backcountry pack trips later this summer. Still trying to decide if we are going to be able to pull off a summer trip through Cali and down your way. Will let you know if that pans out.
              Skis: Armada JJs, Armada Magic Js and Icelantic Keepers
              Bindings: Marker Griffon, Look Pivot
              Full Tilt Boots
              Past: Revel8 Tanshos, KTPs, Revolts, DLPs, Condors; Spruce Raptors, 120s, Sherpas


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                It was a fun to have met you Robert, same goes for True too he said! Looking very forward to seeing you again and meeting your wife on those sweet MJ's! LOL
                Nice lookng resorts runs too by the way! You two are doing fantastic on your boards.

                C U N DA SNOW!


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                  Robert, looks like your both having fun. I look forward to riding with you both next season in Tahoe.

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