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Skiboard meeting at Madrid (Spain)

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  • Skiboard meeting at Madrid (Spain)

    So...we had a little meeting at Valdesqui, Madrid (Spain) in a pretty unusual conditions...not usual to have 20-30cm of fresh snow here... even i was totally shocked!!

    Not big tricks, just fun and skiboarding

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    looks like lots of fun. whenever we get fun snow like that, its cloudy and still snowing. powder falls are fun!


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      Hah, nose press on the CT8 looks like a trick. Soooo stiff.
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        I wish I could get some snow conditions like that. Looks like you had some fun, that's good.

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          looks so weird without any trees! looks liek you had a fun time thats what its about.
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            That looked awesome. I would love to skiboard in some foreign country. I've only been to Quebec.


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              This is the god honest expression I had on my face when this song the original 99 luft balloons, but any version of the song is great...

              Thank you for making my day.
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                haha put a shirt on you creeper! lawl jk man im nude half the time im on the computer..............PSYCH!!!!

                anyways sick quality on that camera. what camera did you use???? skiboarding was okay. not really my style.

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                  Originally posted by Godofmedia View Post
                  This is the god honest expression I had on my face when this song the original 99 luft balloons, but any version of the song is great....

                  This is 99 luft balloons by Goldfinger. Great punk band. I actually like this version the best out of any covers.
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                    great job making a very fun edit. it had me smiling the whole time.



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                      You guys look great! The smiles never stopped. That pow looked incredible. You'll understand me hating you guys just a bit for that. Ha ha. Love that fence line biff.
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                        That is SO cool for you guys!!! Sure looked like you all were having fun; woo-hoo!!!
                        C U N DA SNOW!


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                          Thanks for the nice comments!

                          There are very few resorts with trees in Spain, its due to the altitude, the trees are there up to 1800m, but most of our resorts start at that altitude and up to 2200m. So we have trees in the lower areas of some resorts.

                          The camera... it was a mini-dv camera, with some wide-angle lense. I dont know the brand or model, as it wasnt mine. Also i think the quality has been revised, as Cesar said the original was blurry. Cesar is who brought the camera and filmed most of the scenes, hes the one doing the nosepress
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                            great vid! looks like you guys had lot of fun. i can do nosepress too, with MY FACE
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                              Wow, I've never even skied out of Minnesota so this looks pretty awesome to me. Really good video.
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