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    So you all have probably seen the edit of Ben, Adam and Borja from CO edited by Buggard Mouse editor Daryl S.. He did a great job but it contained songs with some pretty graphic language, which didn't work with some of the promotion ideas I had for it so I just re-edited it. Check out the new version. Make sure the volume on your speakers is at a good level before starting it. Adam is riding ALP's, Ben is riding Condors and Borja is on Cities.

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    Another great song...Money-Pink Floyd. You guys just keep amazing me with your picking music on my playlist...great vid too. Thanks G.
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      yea g, i felt like the original songs didn't fit well also. the editing is good but just a bad choice of music since they are used for promoting.


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        Much better choice of music for showing people. I do think that some nice editing would really brighten these up. improve some saturation and make some other cool tricks happen.

        Edit* I would really like to see more stuff posted on Vimeo.

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          Much better choice of music


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            original songs fit better with the style and edit, but i do like pink floyd a lot more haha. these songs fit pretty good too tho.
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