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  • Makeshift Session

    A bit more of my porch, different setup. Myself on Chickens and my friend using my Line 5-0s.

    Windows Movie Maker was being dumb so no music or editting, and some of the clips are a bit stretched, sorry.

    I've since moved the rail back down flat, and the extra speed from the extra ramp makes it a lot of fun. Haven't gotten around to getting any footage of it yet. Another friend brought over his K2 Fattys and we all messed around with it for an afternoon.

    Been trying to get a 270 on or off but can't seem to get more than a 180 either which way. Seems like I should have enough air time since as it is I can move the rail out a good 4 feet from the jump and still land on it. Any tips?
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    Haha I used to do that. I think I actually had that same rail too. Better than not riding at all.


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      haha you live kinda down by the High School don't ya?? Or is that the Sherman park area?
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      Originally posted by SkaFreak
      I hate it when I sarcasm all over the place like that.


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        Neither, it's up by LSSU.
        Chickens with Spruce Pro Lite
        Line Jedis with Snowjams


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          I like it!
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