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Skiboarding the 7 - Mount 7, Golden, BC

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  • Skiboarding the 7 - Mount 7, Golden, BC

    Hiked Mount 7 on the weekend to get my annual dose of local credibility (missed it last year). This is the mountain you see in my avatar... it melts out into a numeral 7, and hauling your gear in to ride the 7 is a local tradition in the spring. This was my 4th time hitting it. Nice to be back on the boards.

    Went with a group of friends this year, which was great! It's about 3 hours of hiking round trip for a 30 second run. We're in the middle of a major heat wave and made the questionable decision to start hiking at 2 pm... luckily the trail is partly shaded for a good portion of the hike, and the altitude cooled things down a bit. Nice and warm at the top compared to most year.

    I've got a bit of trail footage to cobble together into a longer video later, with some wicked views, but here's the actual run for now... enjoy!
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    That's a very cool tradition. Thanks for sharing the experience.


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      Nice!!! Good for you for hiking for the cool summer run! Looking forward to the hike up video too!

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