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  • Westfest 2016 Edits

    We had a blast in Utah at Westfest 2016.

    Here's a video from each day.

    Day 1: Alta
    Some fresh snow would have gone a long way here. Conditions were variable from thin coverage to crunchy to nice and powdery.

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    Day 2: Solitude
    Conditions were awesome. It kept snowing throughout the day, resulting in endless powder stashes all over the mountain.


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      Day 3: Brighton
      Another day with excellent conditions. The trees at Brighton were a ton of fun. We were able to find untouched snow all day long.


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        Day 4: Snowbird
        The forecast was cold and windy, but that didn't stop us. We took the tram to the top and got some awesome first runs in deep, bottomless powder. After that, the wind took over and we cut the day short.

        Overall, when the conditions were good, they were amazing. Even when they weren't ideal, we had a blast. It's easy to see why they say Utah has the greatest snow on Earth. We had a great group and I can't wait to get back!


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          Thanks for all the hard work putting this together Courtney. We did have a great group to ride and have dinner with.

          Also thanks to Scott, Russ and Chad for all the lifts up and down the mountain.

          I'm already looking forward to next year. Hopefully other folks will see the great conditions and the fun we had each day and come join us for Westfest 2017. It really is a great experience to ride with other skiboarders.
          Just these, nothing else !


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            Great job putting all this together Courtney. The position of videographer is yours for as long as you want it.

            I've had quite a few powder days this season in Tahoe, but none have compared to what I experienced at Westfest. The event has been the highlight of my season so far.

            I can't wait until Westfest 2017. I'm hoping more riders will join us for fun in The Greatest Snow on Earth.
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