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    Hey guys, I guess you could call this my first real edit and I think it came out pretty good. The footage is from a trip I went on last year to Killington (you know, when there was snow in the east...). I'm the one wearing the GoPro and riding Spruce Sherpas, my friend Abe is on KTP's, and the others are on normal skis. I'm no park rider but I think I got some good POV shots in the woods which is where I do most of my riding. Be warned though, the song is not family friendly ("Vampire Money" by My Chemical Romance). It's not for everyone haha but I've been wanting to make a video with it for a while, and seeing as this video is mostly for me you guys can deal with it

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    Entertaining! That song is a little manic though. LOL

    East Coast terrain is so similar to Midwest, except for there being actual mountains in places on the East Coast. In the Midwest it's just big hills.
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      Ouch! Almost painful to watch I suppose each of us has a different definition of "fun" (and it changes with age) - it looked like self-torture to me, slugging it down through these dense trees and bombing down moguls. But can't complain - I'll watch any video with snow right now , having been stuck in the warm parts of the East Coast Hopefully tomorrow will be my first snow day for the season, if it does not start to rain...


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        Very cool! Looks like they got some good snow last year, some painful looking spills on that crash reel section!


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          You'd love Mount Bohemia!

          What are the poles for?


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            Yes I was definitely sore after that trip haha, and I still wince every time I see that shot of me plowing right over the side of that mogul (that wasn't on purpose lol). I find my aggressive riding to be very fun and rewarding though, at least while I still have the capacity to recover haha. As for the poles, I actually find them to be more helpful than hindering, a little bit in the lift lines but mostly for traversing in the woods. I don't think I'll be ditching them anytime soon


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              I watched this at work, so I couldn't hear any of the audio. I enjoyed the video portion, though. The POV stuff was good, and the crash edit in the middle was quite entertaining. I've never been to Killington, but I'd consider it now after seeing some of the terrain available there. Courtney is right, you'd like Bohemia.
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                Agh!!! good times!

                Loved it! The song matched the mayhem!

                I just got a GoPro. I look forward to playing around with it. Vids like this are inspiring!

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