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Video with Blunts, RCs and weird bindings

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  • Video with Blunts, RCs and weird bindings

    First time with the Gopro, but I think I got some ok footage. It was a fun day skiing mostly small bumps with some variable powder.

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    Throw us a pic of the binding/boot setup....... Interesting
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      It's in this thread:

      I have changed the straps (there's also one on the top of the back. I'm also testing some wood spacers to prevent one board from riding on top of the other. I should take a more current picture.


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        Nice Video! Ive ridden that pair of RC's if they were the ones traded for KTP's


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          Cool to see your binding in action! Looks like the connection to the board/etc is pretty good and edge to edging those fat boards wasn't an issue, reconnection also looks really easy. Your stance is real tight just like a skier friend of mine, that appears to be the main cause of the bindings getting on top of one another I think. The metal shoe looks painful too


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            Jack, they are the same RCs.

            Originally posted by g.dub View Post
            The metal shoe looks painful too
            Are you talking about the bindings? They are not painful at all except if I overtighten them...then I get my foot going to sleep or foot cramping. When they are right, they give good control and zero pain. So much better than any ski boot I have used....but I have HUGE ankles.


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              Anytime I have to make some minor adjustment to my straps I think to myself "Yep, still not missing skiboots!". The snowboard binding just looks like it could use some foot padding. I noticed the padding on my 540 Pro's makes a difference if I'm riding all day. There's atleast one company (switchback) you can get padding from but its for their binding, so I imagine you would make your own.