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BreckFast II is HERE!!!!!

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  • BreckFast II is HERE!!!!!

    BreckFast II is here. An end to an era, tipping our hats to the experiences we had. Bloom and Enouf film one last time in Colorado before moving on into a new stage of life's journey. Thank you for the memories, Colorado.

    This is the first video with Bloom and Enouf to be shot and edited in 1080i HD. Enjoy.

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    Great video guys! Editing is awesome, Dave you get better and better every time. Video quality is amazing, sharp as can be, and the transitions are great. All tricks are smooth as silk! I don't know what to call it, but I especially like that miller-flip to toe-grab that you did in there Dave. Truly professional video all around. I'm sure you guys will love your new home mountain and put out some wonderful stuff from there, no doubt about it.


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      best edit 2013.
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