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Last ride of the 2013 season

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  • Last ride of the 2013 season

    Riding with Courtney at Giants Ridge, MN closing day.

    2013 Spruce Sherpas w/Tyrolia Peak 11s
    2015 RVL8 Blunt XLs w/Tyrolia Attack 13s
    2018 Spruce Crossbows w/Tyrolia Peak 11s
    2020 RVL8 Sticky Icky Ickys w/Tyrolia SX 10s

    Salomon X-Pro 80

    Past boards: Salomon Snowblades, Line MNPs 89 & 98 cm, Five-Os, Bullets, Jedis, Spruce 120s, LE 125s, Ospreys
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    Thanks for posting - nice to see some groomer footage. Looks like you guys had a fun time. Giants Ridge - I like that name and it looks like a nice resort.

    Courtney really does need to sharpen her riding skills some - she wasn't riding fakie nearly fast enough or smooth enough in that clip! If you were riding at your usual blistering pace and she was riding fakie at that speed - that was truly impressive....
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    Think Like a Mountain

    Boards ridden, some owned: Sherpas, Spruce 120 "STS", Blunts, DS110 custom prototypes, Rockered Condors, Revolts, DLPs, Summit Custom 110s, Summit Marauders, Head 94s, Raptor prototypes, Osprey prototypes.


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      It feels even cooler than it looks