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Scotland - Riding the Gnar

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  • Scotland - Riding the Gnar

    I just watched this Salomon Freeski video that was shot in Scotland - beautiful and rugged place but based on this footage you really have to be hardy to ride in this weather and in these conditions - respect to the people out there tearing it up on the Scottish slopes!

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    I've spent time on Cairngorm mountain borth skiing and alpine climbing. When the sun is shining it is beautiful place to be, but then weather turns half-bad, it can be challenging.

    Add to the fact that the ski-pass prices are more expensive than most places in Western Europe and facilities much less, it is not a wonderful destination for the ski tourist. There are no accommodation facilities on the mountain at most (if not all) Scottish resorts, which means you have to drive in everyday or relay on limited public transport.

    Having said that, it is apparantly great for backcountry skiing.
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      Some of the shots in that vid give new meaning to flat light conditions.
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        I took a few trips to ski in the Cairngorms as a teen back in the seventies, Aviemore maybe?

        It was freezing! Definitely not the bluebird day we get in AZ. Brave souls.
        Just these, nothing else !