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An introduction to Hardcore

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  • An introduction to Hardcore

    Its been a long time, but my friend Mike (aka Hardcore) has returned to skiboarding this year. He grew up skating with me, and likes to transfer over inline tricks to the snow. What he may lack in style, he makes up for with insanity.

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    That's awesome! How many times has he been out since his return? I can tell he has a lot of skill!

    I always think it's great to watch someone who was really good at something, but stopped, get back into it. I was riding longboards in front of my house several years back with my little brother, and the UPS guy stopped us and started talking about how he used to ride bowls and park back in the day (guy had to be in his mid thirties). He asked if he could try one of our boards, did some wobbly back and forth kicking and pumping for about a minute, and the starts busting nose manuals, manual powerslides and shove-its on a 42 inch board! The UPS uniform and electronic label scanner hanging from his belt made it that much better.


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      Originally posted by cyborg View Post
      That's awesome! How many times has he been out since his return?
      This was filmed from his second time back out. None of the big parks were open when filming, and it was super icy, but hopefully we'll get some real stuff of him soon.

      Thats funny about the UPS guy. When we were in high school, we built a backyard halfpipe. One day, some random 30-40 year old guy who lived down the street came over and asked if he could ride it. Almost the same story... he took a couple warm up pumps back and forth, and then he started doing a bunch of awesome old school boneless/fastplant variations. After that we learned he had a micro-pipe in his garage and skated with him from time to time.


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        I love comeback stories! Are those Weapons he is on?
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          Nice! I was just wondering about him about a month back while looking through some old videos. Welcome back!