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  • Tansho's spotted

    2009 Tansho's (rear) and a 2011 Tansho (front) spotted stating at about 1:30 on a snow trike.

    - Alpina Fatboards with 8-hole bindings (retired as shot-skis)
    - 2003 Line Pro with FF-pro (on loan to friend)
    - 2010 KTP Revel8 Receptors with 2012 Orange Receptors
    - 2012 Rockered Condors with 2010 Black Receptors
    - 2014 DLP with 2021 Blue Receptors

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      After the hot summer we've been having, that snow looks so inviting.
      2013 Spruce Sherpas w/Tyrolia Peak 11s
      2015 RVL8 Blunt XLs w/Tyrolia Attack 13s
      2018 Spruce Crossbows w/Tyrolia Peak 11s
      2020 RVL8 Sticky Icky Ickys w/Tyrolia SX 10s

      Salomon X-Pro 80

      Past boards: Salomon Snowblades, Line MNPs 89 & 98 cm, Five-Os, Bullets, Jedis, Spruce 120s, LE 125s, Ospreys
      Summit 110s, Nomads, Jades, RVL8 ALPs, BWPs, KTPs, Tanshos, Rockets, DLPs, Blunts, Condors, RCs, Revolts, Spliffs


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        Nice to see more "SMXers" using Revel8 boards. Definitely agree, I'm ready for fall then winter, had enough of the summer heat.
        08 Condors -> FF Pros | 08 KTPs -> FF Pros | Line Sun 83s -> Line comp. Freeblocks


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          We have hardly had a decent day of sunshine this whoel summer. I am gonna go find me a southern hemi winter shortly, which is bound to be sunnier than this wet island!
          Current: '20 Spruce Slingshot 119s, '20 Spruce Crossbow 115s, '18 Spruce Osprey 132s (touring), '21 Rvl8 SII 104s, '21 Summit Invertigos 118s
          Also: '11 Allz Elaila 94s, '12 Rvl8 Rockered Condor 110s, '15 Spruce Osprey 132s , '18 Spruce Crossbow 115s
          Previous: Gaspo Hot Wax 84s, Mantrax 98s, Summit Nomad 99s, Spruce Yellow 120s, Eman Uprise 104s