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  • Midwest Meet 2011 Edit

    I finally got the chance to sort through the hours of footage we shot at Mount Bohemia for Midwest Meet 2011. We had a great time again this year and despite the cold, had really great conditions.

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    looks fun! ill have to try and join you guys this year


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      Very nice edit Courtney ! Thanks ! Tim wasn't kidding when he said your trees were just a bit tighter then we have out west !!!!! LOL
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        We'd love to have you join us this year Jack. We'll likely aim for January again.

        Tim was right! We found some really tight areas that were completely untracked because skiers and boarders would have a really hard time getting through them


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          That drop at 3:41 was gnarly. Big ups to Tim for dropping that. You make us all proud. Bummer about the board. But, you certainly got your money's worth.
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            Excellent music choice, Courtney. It really fit the whole vibe of the meet. I'm hoping that more people will make it out this season. I enjoy all the meets, but the MM is really unique just because of the location. The terrain is like nothing else, and the atmosphere is incredibly chill.
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              Nice. Looks like a fun event. It's awesome to have enough powder to fall and not worry about it. Until you run into those trees, I guess.



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                Great vid! I really enjoyed it. There sure isn't much room to get through those trees.
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                  Nice Edit! So much snow was had by all! yeah, those trees are tight! Sorry about the board, ugh!
                  Hope you all do it again and again and again!!!!
                  C U N DA SNOW!


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                    Giving this a bump - great footage of tree skiing plus awesome sound track.

                    Listen at about the 2:57 mark - is it just me or does it sound remarkably like John C. Reilly saying "Darnit, I almost had it...."?
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