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RVL8 Skiboards presents: The Junk Show

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  • RVL8 Skiboards presents: The Junk Show

    RVL8 Skiboards presents: The Junk Show

    Episode 3.8: BreckFast II

    Episode 3.7: Spring Steez

    Episode 3.6: California Love

    Episode 3.5: SFV

    Episode 3.4: Deserts and Snow Angels

    Episode 3.3: Waiting Around

    Episode 3.2: Stayin' Warm

    Episode 3.1: End of the World

    Episode 2.7: Spring Steez

    Episode 2.6: Brunch

    Episode 2.5: Going Back to Cali

    Episode 2.4: The Other Side

    Episode 2.3: Where's Ullr

    Episode 2.2: Daze Off

    Episode 2.1: Back to Basics

    Episode 1.6: Return of the Sheetz

    Episode 1.5: The Festival of the Shreds

    Episode 1.4: Are We There Yet

    Episode 1.3: Safety First

    Episode 1.2: Pass the Sauce

    Episode 1.1: Liberty 2010

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    Sick Video!!!! STICKY THIS G!


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      Man, I can't believe's finally here!
      I Ski 4 Smitty.


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        Sick Episode.. Expecting this to be the greatest skiboarding video series ever!


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          oh this is great, thanks a lot for doing this im glad we got a series to watch!!

          sick epsiode, u guys threw it down in VA! some crazy sh*t.... cant wait for the next episode


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            great job Dave, was such a fun time


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              Excellent work, Dave and riders!! Fourdown slams a great production!! BTW...pause the video at 59 secs (mine is stuck there, so I'm staring at it) and you'll see a nice face in the clouds looking down at you.

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                Dave can tell you, I have no words (that are suitable here) to describe the awesomeness of this. I'd say this is the best skiboarding video I've ever seen, and it tops all of the ski videos as well.

                Awesome work and riding guys, see you on the slopes.
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                    Great work guys! Looking forward to more...


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                      THE BEST SKIBOARDS VIDEO EVER!!!!

                      dude great job!!

                      can't wait till hit that slope again!
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                        I love this!
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                          Words cannot describe how awesome that was.... I can't wait for more. Thanks for all your work everyone!

                          Finally getting to the mountain on Saturday! It isn't soon enough.
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                            really nice video cant wait for the next one and cant wait till i start in a few weeks!!!!!!
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                              Dave i wanted to say thank you for giving me my first ever webepsiode part...devoted just to me. Even though it was a crash edit at the end of the credits haha