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Freestyle Skiboarding Guides (Youtube)

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  • Freestyle Skiboarding Guides (Youtube)

    So, now that I've been slowly progressing as a parkrat I was wondering if anyone can refer me to any skiboarding tutorial videos.

    I've only found these Japanese guides; as it shows an actual in depth tutorial of skiboarding and it seems to have been my holy bible in learning any new tricks.....Its in Japanese which creates somewhat of a language barrier, but I had my Japanese friend translate it for me so I caught on some of what they are saying.

    Other than that, I have been using freestyle ski guides such as this one Which has also been somewhat useful in my progression. From those who are freestyle riders, Can the same concepts of skiing apply to skiboarding? I've always wondered that. Let me know your thoughts.

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    Originally posted by zealos1 View Post
    Can the same concepts of skiing apply to skiboarding?
    Generally, yes. But I think the level of control required over balance and position start and end at different points for skis and skiboards. This is just a reflection of physics. Some tricks will be easier on one and difficult on the other. This video demonstrates how nimble you can be on skiboards.


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      Can you give us an idea of some tricks you are trying to learn or improve? or a general area you are looking to get better in?

      The best way to learn is going to be going out with someone that knows what they are doing. Watch them and take pointers.
      If you give us a few tricks, or a statring point on what you want to get better at, we can point you to specific videos, or find somethign from our stash of old footage and amybe speak over the tricks we are doing.


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        That sounds awesome! I have been trying to get my daughter comfortable enough to do a 360 off a jump. She can spin 360 on snow and land a 180 ok, but has no confidence in going for the 3. I taught myself how to land a 3, but I am not very fluent.......we started trying to land 360 on grass this offseason by picking a line and trying to land back on the line just in boots, later in an old set of snowblades......She is getting better and we have started jumping off wooden reels in back yard, just trying to build her confidence. I sure wish we had a trampoline some days!