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    Where’s he at? I’m in Mammoth right now , but then again I don’t hit those parks yet. I’m to old and fragile and don’t recover like I use to. so I’ll need baby steps.

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      @davelynam - I will totally take you up on that offer.

      @Tom91381 - This was actually last April at the Canyon Lodges Chair 7, I'm still working my way slowly there until I can start playing in the Unbound Park. I'm not sure if they have setup the park along those trails on Chair 7, but I'm using that as my practice ground as I get better on the jumps and smoother rail grinds.


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        Any chance in getting a refresh on this resource?
        Having a hard time with many links being broken.

        Good. and you?


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          Originally posted by Kelmarit View Post
          Any chance in getting a refresh on this resource?
          I'm afraid this is impossible in an automated mode. I know that over the years there has been at least one (maybe more) migrations of the software/platform that is hosting the forum. In the migration process, the topics links have changed and any comments pointing to the old ones were not automatically updated so they are all now going 404.

          Only option we have is manual search, based on keywords from the original topic title - if you have them...

          In this specific case, I see there are a couple stickies ( ) that might have the content that was mentioned here, but I'm not 100% certain.

          Edit: Here's another topic with some videos that might be useful :
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