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What do you hate about the park?

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    Originally posted by kirk View Post
    My biggest annoyance is adults who cruise through parks riding through the landings of features not paying any respect to those who are waiting to hit them. I see ski patrol do this all the time locally, and it is just terrible. Virtually all parks are clearly marked and have warning signs posted. The worst is when they take their kids with them... the kids have no idea what is going on, but their parents are just being ignorant and irresponsible. This is extremely dangerous for all involved.
    i'm glad you said this. over the weekend it was busy than the last few times i was up at hidden valley and it was horrible. like random packs of kids and/or their parents will just come up to the top of the park and without stopping just roll through like the own the place. i barely avoided a collision saturday when coming off a box and one came out of no where behind me when i went to turn towards the tow rope.


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      The thing I hate most about parks used to be hearing my head sound like thumping a watermelon when I crashed, then I got a helmet. Now, it's jarring the boys on landings.


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        I hate bomb holes at the end rails and boxes, especially when you dont know they are there and land switch... Anyways, out here in Mammoth CA they make the lips/ramps onto rails about 20 feet wider than normal so "people" stay away from where the lip/ramp is actually important.