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We're In February…Freestyle Progression Update???

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  • We're In February…Freestyle Progression Update???

    So, with the lack of snow for many and the obscene amount for others…

    What's the story on freestyle progression with everyone? Park, pow, urban, etc...
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    I've hit two jumps, and one rail all season.

    I haven't had a chance to get out all that much, and the days I have gone it's been sweet sweet pow.
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      Winter has been terrible almost everywhere you go, so that doesn't allow very much urban. But thanks to the amazing snowmakers Afton has, I've been able to have been out 65 times already! I am also releasing an edit tonight.


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        I have not had nearly enough time on the snow, only once last season and twice this season so far. I have not even bothered going into the park this season, I don't like how they built it. I did spend some time tuesday just working on fakie carving.


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          i've been working on butters, presses and slapping around, just getting creative on the slopes, kind of giving a surfing look to my riding. its pretty fun.
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            Hit bigger boxes/rails than I have before, and hit the biggest drop I have so far. I'd like to push the drop a little bit more than I have, but the conditions haven't been quite right for it on any of the days that I have been somewhere with a drop big and clean enough.
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              Snow is god awful. Rode yesterday, and it was good for about an hour before the snow turned to poo. Here's three tricks that may or may not have been filmed:

              - fakie 2 on rewind 4 out
              - makio down a 30 set rail against a wall
              - wheelbarrow

              Jumps here have been non-existant, but I hucked a front yesterday off a 10 footer just to have done one this season... :/


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                I've been able to expand my trick vocabulary. By the end of the season I think I'll have refined my style. I'm putting time into being more comfortable on jumps. I think that will pay off too.

                I see a lot of opportunities for creativity, more related to tweaking tricks rather than inventing tricks. If I can get to that point, the big challenge will be to make them look good so soon after learning them.



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                  Over threw a 40 footer today, landed 3 feet from flat. I had no fear what-so-ever. My in air comfort has jumped significantly over the last couple weeks.
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                    i finally summed up all the courage i had in me to hit the park first time since i start skiboarding from 2009. There was a mini terrain park when i go to with flatboxes and rails to small and medium jumps. First hour spend on the park was ridding the flatbox straight and finding the right speed and practice popping and landing of the jumps. Then, i started to turn 90 degrees to land horizontal on the flatboxes but felt on the flatboxes many times. I figure out my balance isn't really correct so i figure i need to bring my front shoulder over my front legs abit to keep that balance (not sure if this is the correct ways but it worked for me). Before i know it, my fear of going on flatboxes were totally gone and i was hitting up 4 flatboxes in a roll. So hopefully by the end of this season, i can work my way up to the skinnier rails and learn some grabs to do in the jumps. Cheers!


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                      I can ride fakie from top to bottom on intermediate runs. I feel alot more confident in my technique and form than i did last year. skiboarding feels almost as natural as rollerblading does now.

                      I also started hitting smaller jumps. I figure if i can get the feeling of landing down then big or small shouldnt matter, its about how it feels from pop to stomp. I don't fall anymore. Airtime and the stomp is still squirley sometimes. I've gotta stop looking down.