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    I see a lot of reverts immediately after a landing. Why land the other direction at all?

    I think quick reverts take away from the trick you just landed, discourage people from learning to ride both backwards and forwards well, and discourage people to think in terms of lines.

    If you need to revert, I get the impression you've either slightly missed your landing or not planned your line well enough.

    When one of our pros hit three jumps in a row (let's say forward/backward/backward) without a revert, lands and rides off without a revert, it looks natural and smooth. I think our sport can improve its style in this area.


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      I strongly agree with the natural flow aspect. If you want to hit a forward spin on the second jump then make sure your landing on the first jump comes out forward. Do a 3 or 7, or even a fakie 1 or 5 to let it be smooth. Not only does it look smoother and more natural it helps to keep the flow of your riding. Reverts cause loss of speed and if you plan on hitting a larger jump line and want spins/inverts/drags/etc... involving half rotations on a large jump you wont be wanting to revert and wind up knuckling. I also agree with Tim's view on lack of ability in hitting jumps fakie. If you constantly revert it makes it seem to the view, be it true or not, that you cannot either hit a jump fakie or carry from one jump to the next in a fluid motion involving fakie riding and fakie jump hitting. The same hold true for rails, wall rides, and anything else you are working in the freestyle realm. Videos should be the cream of the crop with your riding. It's a waste to release something that is not at least near perfect in all aspects. With that understanding a view of a revert takes away from that vibe.

      And again, I admit my guilt on this and recognize it is something I need to work on fixing.
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        I like in and out burger

        Anyways, this is almost 7 months late. I have to agree, i tend to revert a lot. Sometimes it just hard to stop that rotation, especially on front 630s and 9's.


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          I revert accidentaly....
          Reverts suck... It's all about them shuffles ;-)
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