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Becker Peak/Echo Lake Tour

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  • Becker Peak/Echo Lake Tour

    Today I went on a nice solo tour at one of my favorite places Becker Peak and Echo Lake.
    At my car with my custom ride for the day .. Original Condor with new custom tech binding on Receptor baseplate . I have replaced my old Dynafit toes with new Dynafit Radical toe pieces which are much easier to step in to and yet are lighter then my ancient Dynafit toe pieces.
    IMG_20210210_122517273 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    On the trail .
    IMG_20210210_085606166 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    IMG_20210210_085601152 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    The goal to day is to climb to Becker ridge to the base of Becker Peak and drop some steep pow in trees down to the lake.
    It is looking good with nice soft snow underfoot even though it has been maybe a week or so from the last storm .
    IMG_20210210_083122110 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr
    I reach the base of Becker peak . I could continue the ramp to the peak but decide to make this my jumping off point into the soft pow in the trees.
    Jumping off point is that big boulder and then down into the steep trees.
    IMG_20210210_095921666 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    Ok on the ridge and ready to drop into the steep trees.
    IMG_20210210_101515839_2 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    Unfortunately my secret powder stash has been discovered and there are lots of tracks in my usual more open descent . No problem hang a bit to the right into very tight steep trees . Skiboard country no tracks there !
    Here is where I pop out of the trees ! Nice smooth somewhat crusty unbroken pow but very narrow trees and steep by Sierra standards.
    IMG_20210210_102110303_2 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr
    I reach the open boulder field and go skiers left for the second half down to the lake which is undisturbed and much more open and fun slopes.
    IMG_20210210_102905287 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    Ok I pop out at the frozen lake and look back down the lake .
    IMG_20210210_103138481 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    I see the other group of three skiers who left the parking area when I did . They went further along the ridge past Becker ridge to Talking mountain and have finished their descent and are coming back over the frozen lake.
    IMG_20210210_105247520_2 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    I switch to skinny skins which allow me to kick and glide across the lake like I am on cross country skis. The Tech bindings are super nice and frictionless.
    IMG_20210210_121721799 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    Here is looking back over the lake .

    IMG_20210210_111629008 (1) by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    Here is looking back at Becker Peak and Talking Mountain . I descended in the trees just below the first peak which is Becker peak.

    IMG_20210210_111945903_2 (1) by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    Here is the snowed in Echo Chalet which is a busy place in the summer.
    IMG_20210210_112227935_2 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    I just follow the road back to my car kicking and gliding along ,
    IMG_20210210_112649931 by Jack Jue Jr, on Flickr

    Nice trip !
    Boards :
    Blunt Xl, DLP, Spliff, Condor, Rockered Condor , Slingshot, Sherpa, Icelantic Shaman
    K2 BFC 100 Grip walk sole , Dynafit CR Radical AT boot, Ride Insano Snowboard boots
    Zero Pro Non release Binding
    Modified Receptor Backcountry Bindings (Bill Version and Slow Version)
    Spruce Riser with Attack 14 GW /AT binding
    Custom Risers with Fritschi Backcountry Bindings (Jeff Singer version 1, Bill version)
    Rocker and Sbol Soft Boot Bindings.