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It was a good day . . .

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  • It was a good day . . .

    I was really stoked today to see the love that Mountain Creek was giving to skiboarding. I showed up with a friend that snowboards, as usual, expecting not to see any skiboarders, or a few on some K2s and Salomons at best. To my surprise, I saw one older fella on some original, purple BWPs, a few guys on some Lines, one girl on a pair of Snowjams, and a few other randoms that were interested in tagging along.

    Half way through the day I had a group of riders, varying throughout runs, of several skiboarders and snowboarders, all interested in furthering themselves into skiboarding. I got a lot of interest from both skiers and snowboarders throughout the day, bombarding me with questions. I must have handed out at least forty Revel8 business cards and a few dozen stickers.

    I felt that today was such a huge success today for skiboarding on a mountain that has been dominated for years by snowboarding. I am proud to say that a lot of respect was earned for skiboarding on my home mountain, and at least half a dozen converts from snowboarding and skiing are on the way.

    All in all, a great day. It definitely helped that I landed a bunch of misty flips, 540s, 720s, and a 360 over some girl who did not clear the top of the table in time. Lovin' this sport...
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    haha nice, especially the part about doing a 360 over a girl lmao. Yeah I also saw a few REAL ski boards on the mountain today Lines and another that I couldn't tell.

    I don't understand why so many people buy snowblades, they are terrible.
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      Gah, wish I could see you compete at the open.

      Dave is gonna have is own crew.


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        Nice job, Dave. I'm glad you had a chance to represent the sport so well.
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