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How do you feel about skiboarding vs. other snowsliding sports

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  • How do you feel about skiboarding vs. other snowsliding sports

    I hope everyone will participate in this poll in order for me to convince a few of my amigos to purchase some ski boards. For the first question I know not all of you started ski boarding after skiing or snowboarding some of you used to do inline etc. Also Greco should sticky this in my opinion
    I love skiboarding and havent skied/snowboarded since
    Love it! But still occasionally ski/snowboard
    I like both sports equally
    I tried skiboarding and it's not for me
    I haven't tried skiboarding yet but I'm excited to
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    I love it, though once I have some disposable income again, I do plan on getting some longer planks made from 333skis.
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      I have skiied all my life , expert level alpine skier and telemark skier , and backcountry skier , as well as teleboarder ( telemark monoski) but no longer ski or teleboard ..
      just skiboard , whether it is at resort , or in backcountry , including deep pow .. skiboarding is just more fun !
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        I downhill skied for nearly twenty years until the day I rented a pair of Salomon Snowblades. I've been skiboarding ever since and have never considered for one moment to go back to skiing. I tried snowboarding once and hated it.
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          I skied off and on, never on a regular basis. 3 Years later I decided to start skiing again but I was thinking there isn't much point to it unless I get what I called "trick skis." I looked up some stuff and I found ski boarding and I saw a bunch of champions and they all seemed to have RVL8 boards. So I checked this site out bought 2 pair and I wouldnt for 1 second consider skiing again. Ski boarding has such a broader variety of things to improve so you are never bored even on easiest runs or at ski resorts that arent the best. I even went on a 5 hour 8 day streak of ski boarding, It's the best
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          Revel8 Rumspringa "Mary Jane"
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          Real Age: 20
          "I value my life more than a helmet" - nolhay


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            I tried snowboarding several times, but I couldn't ever quite get the hang of it. I look at long skis and see no draw whatsoever, so...

            I am a Skiboarder
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              Been Ski'ing all my life.. got bored and went to snowboards. Learned late so most of my friends were way past my skill level. Decided to try out skiboards, and had fun, but for me, snowboarding is a bit more fun.

              On 1 hand, I can skiboard down double blacks and keep up with my friends.

              On the other hand, I find snowboarding to be more challenging so I find it to be more fun.. and the boots are just so much more comfortable.


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                I started skiing for about 2 seasons. Then went to snowboarding because the same friend that made me ski, made me snowboard. From then on it was all about going maybe once or twice a season (because I just couldn't afford it) for about 15 years. This last season I finally got my own snowboard and went a whopping 6 times. over the summer I found cheapy boards and didn't even get to try it for the first few trips this season, but I just wasn't getting any better at snowboarding. So on that fatefull evening at Boreal, much to the disapproval of my brother and his friend, I tried it. Always been an inline sk8ter (skateboarders can't actually use that term because they dont have 8 fucking wheels! yet they still try!) so I put them on and immediately started looking like a duck awkwardly making my way to the lift. Kind of a half skate, half step, half fall! But the second I got to the top of the lift, it was over! I have put on my snowboard only 1 time since and have no interest in a 2nd time!
                Thank you SBOL and skiboards! I have found the holy hand grenade!!!
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                  Originally posted by xxxander View Post
                  ... I put them on and immediately started looking like a duck awkwardly making my way to the lift. Kind of a half skate, half step, half fall! ...
                  Haha, I think I probably looked like that the first time I tried skating as well. I probably looked like that again when I first got on my KTPs as well since they're so much wider than the snowblades I was using before.


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                    Rode my twintips for the first time the other day.

                    I liked them for park, but not for carving.


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                      I learned on regular alpine downhill skis and did that for about 6 or 7 years. A couple years ago I bought a pair of cheap Salomon snowblades and tossed them into the repertoire (spelling?) every now and then. This year I bought Revolts and I am loving it, but next time I get a promotion or a raise at work I'm considering either buying twin tips or learning how to snowboard. Every option has things it does well and things it sucks at, so I figure if I have the money and the time why not try everything? Skiboards will always be my go-to though.
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                        Snowboarder here. Never wanted to do anything else on snow. I seen a guy one day on these funky planks and asked him about them. He talked them up well but what made me try them was how much fun he looked like he was having. I purchased what he had - a set of Spruce 120's and bindings. I cannot bring myself to rent things that set next to my body (I'm weird in that way) so purchased a set of ski boots (my heart literally just started beating faster as I pictured hoards of animals wearing rental bowling shoes as they cross the Sahara). First time my feet were ever in hard shells. I hated them. I hated the way they looked, hated the way they felt and hated purchasing them. But, in for a penny in for a pound. I went skiboarding. I went skiboarding again. It was fun. Lots of fun. Somewhere along the line I stopped learning to skiboard and started learning from skiboarding. I felt the hand of God through skiboarding. I'm a skiboarder.

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                          Skied for many yrs growing up, took a chance and bought a pair of 99cm Canon Skiboard's after reading one little article in some random travel breakroom magazine... what a great decision, no regrets! It's a passion!
                          C U N DA SNOW!


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                            Well ...

                            My family and my friend's family would often go to Boston Mills in Ohio, where I'd rent because we didn't want to spend money on new skis or all that jazz when we only went once a weekend. On the back of the lift tickets was a form to win things that my mom and friend's mom would fill out, because they didn't ski ... just waited for us to be finished, those saints. And once mom won some skiing package. New skis, boots, etc. etc., but of course she didn't ski except on the rare occasion.

                            So we decided to trade in the stuff she won right there for some snowblades, which were not unpopular back in 1999. I got new blades, new boots, and my sister got a very nice jacket. My friend then decided to buy snowblades as well. So I was a snowblader/skiboarder from then until this year almost exclusively, but I broke and tried snowboarding ... and actually it was after the second day snowboarding I decided to stop paying $50 a night at Gunstock and just buy some new boards.

                            So I guess I might do something different on occasion, but I've always been snowblading ... and now I've got some skiboards waiting for me at home, so I am a bit anxious to get back from Florida. Hopefully it snows.


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                              Well. I started out skiboarding (aside from a couple days on rental skis). And now I ride twintips more often.
                              I feel my skis are faster, more stable, and in some ways more fun.
                              My skiboards are more maneuverable, more nimble, and in some ways more fun.
                              I used to think that skiboards were the do-all end-all. But now I think not. Both tools have their advantages, it's up to the rider to choose.
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