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WaterSkiboards..Powered via 16m Kite//

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  • WaterSkiboards..Powered via 16m Kite//

    so i recently moved from Steamboat springs CO to the love shores of North Lake Tahoe.. I have been getting into the Kiting scene. Learning on snow it definatly recommended, that and having good stable consistent wind is prime. Steamboat didn't have any type of normal winds and every time i seemed to bring the camera out it was meer breezes and didn't make for good footage.

    Im planning on building my own OVERSIZED ALP style skiboards that will Defiantly have the REVEL8 logo burnt into them, finished with a nice stain or varnish. im thinking they will be 140cm long and maybe 150mm wide not too sure about the size yet, but adding some old school wakeboard bindings and possibly shaving some slight concave into them for a more directional flow underneath. I have been doing some research online and CANNOT find any thing about waterskiing & kitting except some people WAYYYYY back in the 1980's that would use several kites and just tear across the lake.

    If all works out well R8 will then maybe not only be constrained to just the winter seasons...

    Heres some of the mediocre footage.. no major gust or anything just some 10mph.. im pushing into the 30's now getn 12ft off earth..

    Does any1 have previous woodworking tips or maybe know how to keep a board cambered? i was gunna just get a thick board and do ALOT of sanding.

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    I found a great site about building skis a few months back when I was trying to figure out how skis are actually put together...I also got to a point that I decided that I wanted to try sometime in the future to build my own.

    I think this was it...
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      GOM, he is talking about creating waterskiboards, completely different process than construction for skis bound for the snow.
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        Filnominal, I made a few waterskis back in the day. To do it right, you need to laminate them for strength (especially), but it is also much easier. Think stacking sheets of paper on top of each other with glue inbetween. You need to find a supplier for what used to be called 'constructional veneer', which should be easy enough, and use epoxy resin as glue. You need a press for the tip curves, which might be as simple as a couple of sections of a good sized pipe, just clamp them together with the veneers inbetween. Far from a perfect production set-up, but great for a couple of one-offs.
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          These are kinda cool and there are some great guys out there now doing some sweet tricks on lakes with these. A little pricey but i think this would be sweet attached to a kite.

          heres a link

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            sorta related...


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              I'm pretty sure I've seen that video before. Man, looks like so much fun.

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                watch for power lines...


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