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Need help pricing some skiboards...

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  • Need help pricing some skiboards...

    Hey everybody... new to this board and seeking some advice on how I should price a pair of skiboards that I would like to sell. They are Solomon Street wideboards in absolutely excellent condition. I only used them 10 or so times, and they have been stored ever since. I'll post some pictures in a minute... any help would be much appreciated!

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    i'm getting some database errors. i think you might be trying to attach images that are too big. either edit them down or upload them to a file hosting service like putfile and then insert them with the IMG button here.




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      This should do it for pictures... I can provide more if necessary.

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        Doesn't look like 4x4 bindings but it also doesn't look like 8 holes either. How many screws hold those bindings in? How much did you originally pay? What year are these from?

        From first glance I'd say you'd be lucky to get $50. And you will probably have a hard time selling them out of season.


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          Four screws hold them in... they just have that piece that raises the bindings. I originally payed somewhere around $375 for them. $50 seems a little low to me, but they are fairly old I suppose.


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            Ahhhh. So there is a 4x4 mount. Didn't look like that. Yes, $50 is low then. But you're still prob looking at $100 or so.

            How old are they? I don't recall this model.


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              I want to say I got them 6 or 7 years ago.


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                ive also never seen them before....but they look like relatively wide and have a 4 screw pattern so maybeee they were some of the good skiboards salomon n actually made (Believe that or not haha) ones made...possibly before the ones with the H-Block thing that nikki adams rode.

                lets see...salomon made their first skiboards in 1997.
                Bindings look metal with plastic toe clip(Like FFCams?)

                6 or 7 years ago would be around 2001 which was the year after skiboarding was kicked out of the xgames and the isf went under. After that Salomon like all of the other companies took resources out of skiboarding and started making them thinner/crappier. So 7 years sounds about right....and im guessing they have a woodcore.

                After a little bit of researching and a couple of educated guesses ill say that

                theyll sell for 100 Tops


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                  You can maybe get 100 dollars for them.


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                    After sleuthing around a bit ( I am interested in skiboard history like Ty ) , Here is what I found out .
                    This Salomon model was from the 1999-2000 model year and was the one of the widest or perhaps the widest Salomon snowblade ever made . It was called the Street or SB 9
                    It was 84cm in length with a side cut of 135-110-127 with an aluminum binding .
                    It was replaced with the 2000-2001 SB 9 model which had a somewhat narrower side cut at 129-108-123.

                    Information on this translated Japanese web page which is kind of interesting reading and is some guys stuff on the 99-2001 Salomon boards and tricks they did on them
                    some of which is pretty funny , but maybe it is just the translation that is off.. !

                    Here is the pic from the web site

                    In response to the question as to how much it is worth .. the problem is the length which is a bit short for modern skiboards althougth the width is nice and the binding seems nicer than the later plastic Salomon bindings , perhaps a collector item , and really looks like mint condition from the pictures ... Hmm.. I think 100 to 120 dollars might be reasonable .????
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                      i think you got g'd back in the day when you paid almost 400 for a pair of snowblades... sorry but its the truth... and just being honest with you weather you used them or not there 9 years old cant see you getting as much as these guys have been quoting 50 sounds about right imo
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                        In all honesty, for salomon boards, those things were nice. I rented a pair back before I got my own and they blew the other snowblade models out of the water. They're part of the reason I started looking for better boards and eventually ended up here. Those are ideal for someone who wants to get into the sport without dropping too much cash. I'd agree with everyone else that $100 is a pretty safe bet, but I wouldn't be surprised if you could get $150 for em on ebay at the beginning of the season.
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