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    hand tattoed onto my arm.

    all the gear and relatively little idea.

    riding condors



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      there is no one more deserving or enthusiastic about this sport than Ben. He has shown me that no matter how and when you ride. you need to have the same stoke. No matter if ben is on skis or skiboards he rides them just the same. Lots of charge and energy. some people would say he rides like a "kook". well if you have ever been in his presence , he is. He kinda skiboards like a skier and skies like skiboarder.His style is like no other.there is a major "what the fu($ was that" in his style. I think Ben is one of the reasons we still have this woderful sport. To have a rider of his caliber ride my boards shows one thing, This man knows his shit. He rides what he wants, when he wants and kills it. I for one I feel uber proud every time I see my name next to his and if you are on his boards , you should feel the same. Ben told me in romania that my boards were the craziest boards he has ever ridin.they do everything. But to see a guy who has accomplished so much tell people to ride my boards, that is a real rider. I cant thank ben enough for what he has brought to the sport. I think we all need to stand up and pay omage to this incredible skiboarder who just wants to advance the sport ,not himself. Thank you ben for all your hard work and insperation. WE FLIPPIN LOVE YOU BROTHER. Much love and respect, The condor
      live it, love it,rip it!!