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What are your plans for this winter?

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  • What are your plans for this winter?

    Hey everyone,
    Just curious what everyones plans are for this winter.
    Heres Mine. For the first haf im just gonna ride at calabogie peaks in ontario, get back into the sport, progress and all that good stuff.. then at the end of febuary im going to utah with ben wannamaker to ride with brinton gunderson and a lot of other people. that should be good. then on march break im going to quebec city with my school and were gonna ride at Ste Anne for a couple days.. then after that in april i'll be heading to mount snow for the world finals.. that is all. im so stoked
    what are your plans?

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    well i was planing on going to the world finals but turns out dean isent planing on haveing a pipe comp there so now i guess i am not going to ride our new supper pipe much this year and just ride the park everyday and pull as much as tricks i can (flat spins and backflips) and start spining in the park and just show up at the world finals and see what i can pull um other then that just geting new boards and rideing everyday (anyone thats around roundtop in PA and wants to ride i can hook ya up with a lift pass where geting a sweet new pipe this year)


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      no plans

      i dont have many plans this winter....its pretty gay cuz my mommy wont pay for me to go to the world finals n i dont have that kinda money....they only plays i have is to start skiboarding the first day so if i dont like it im not used to it....


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        I'm not sure what up up to this winter yet, but I want to go to at least a few skiboarding events, because I didn't get to last year. I'm not sure how I'll get to them, but I'll try... I'm probably going to be riding Tussey Mountain a lot though, so if anyone still rides there, give me a shout. I need to find some people to ride with.


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          yo kirk.. ill be out there again this year for the big air most likely...

          have you been there at all for big air.. have i ever met you??



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            I haven't been to Tussey yet because i just moved out here, so you probably haven't met me, but how is Tussey? I haven't heard that much about it yet except that its nearby. When you say you'll be there for big air, do you mean for a comp or something, or do they have a good big air jump? Let me know when your heading up, because right now I only have like one other kid to ride with, and I'm trying to find some more skiboarders.


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              I've never been to Tussey but i've met a bunch of skiboarders and ex skiboarders from there.... Paul Recalde, Dave Zweig, Ben Himes, AJ and more... you should be able to find a lot of guys there to ride with.


              oh i just remembered these guys...
              "Tussey Mountain Air Force"

              Tussey Mountain


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                yo i might head up to ride its only 1.5 hr. drive from here so ill let ya know if i head up that way

                and i might be heading out to utah to ride with ben and everyone if i can find a job befor winter starts need about 600-700 bucks ill see what i can pull off
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                  theres a big air comp on or around jan 20th every year... i ride skis in this comp, and the jump is killer... like 45 ft and 20 ft tall. tussey sucks, they have like 6 trails or something, but the jump is usually good and they have a few rails. I'll slap on the skiboards and ride with ya if we meet up..



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                    thats cool, at least they have some stuff for being small. im definately going to try to be there for the big air, so hopefully ill see you there



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                      my mommy probly wont even lemme go to spirit mountain this year


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                        my plans are simple, make video--skiboarding in 10 Latvian mountains!
                        so, maybe then ya can get some stuff from me, but i dunno how it will be--because i am faaaaaar from America!

                        can see some resorts in Latvia, just click on the maps red points


                        ye--and ya can see this stuff in winter--we sumtimes need to make snow from nothing--! but Latvians love winter!
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                          woaw all those resorts are tiny!
                          Fox-Trotting - Thrifty Wanderlust & Adventures

                          Skiboard Magazine


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                            make a vid a have a shitload of fun
                            need new skiboards fund 0/200 all donations are appreciated

                            to send money via paypal- go here then send money to email -
                            to send money via mail - send Check, Cash or Money Order to:

                            Christian Geiser
                            3840 Tremont pl
                            Ann Arbor, MI 48105 USA

                            thank you for your support


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                              Skipatrolling this Season so that means free lift tickets and ish around my area.
                              Just got Line Pros and Weapons haha Weapons were seriously cheap so I decided to spend that extra $100 for Park Boards.
                              Like all the women tell me
                              "It's not the length that matters, it's how you use it"

                              YEA! My 98cm skiboards are just as good as your 167 skis.