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Spruce Slingshots vs Summit Invertigos head-to-head

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    Originally posted by jjue View Post
    I think it would work with a tech binding adaption and allow crampons to be attached on the low spot between the heel and toe pieces. I tried mocking a similar set up with hdpe toe and heel pieces but I was not happy with the amount of overhang of toe and heel pieces using unsupported hdpe pieces and I really think if you have this degree of overhang you should do it like Bill with metal pieces. A custom riser like the Receptor base could be designed with 4x10 and 4x 4 inserts.
    My mind have tinkered with this idea. I actually forgot about this prototype from Bill . I can foresee a problem in this design in that a flexible skiboard will hit the protruding parts as they are still pretty low. They will have to be rubber padded as well.
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