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  • #TrySkiboardingDay

    What do people think about trying to set up an annual Try Skiboarding Day! We pick a yearly date where we all try to get someone to try skiboarding, either for the first time or not, a skier friend, snowboarder friend. Get people to share photos or videos on social media with hashtag #TrySkiboardingDay. Maybe in post covid years people can organize little meet ups in their local areas. Doesn't matter if its blades, tiny skis, whatever is at anyone's disposal, making this super accessible is key.

    Its a model that works well for skateboarding, every June 21 is Go Skateboading Day.

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    Nice idea. Some day in March could be a decent time.

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      Just an example maybe?
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        Yep! Spring riding's always a good time to get people out. I've done this informally with friends in the spring. There's also a surprising number of people who "used to have snowblades" that love to take a crack at modern gear.

        I've also wanted to organize a 'freakride' day for anyone who's not on traditional skis or snowboards.... snow bikes, snow skates, monoboards, telemark, etc, etc, etc... and skiboards of course!
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