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skiboard rental near Denver area?

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  • skiboard rental near Denver area?

    Are skiboard rentals readily available around the Denver ski areas?
    I won't be able to bring my own gear with me.

    I'm imagining I might have to settle for cheap snowblades/ski blades, and I don't recall how well those handle in powder.

    edit: It's looking like we're intending to go to Copper Mountain.

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    Probably only skiblades and that's questionable. Why not FedEx a pair to the local FedEx office? They will hold them for pickup for 3 days for free. When you're done return them to the same place for shipment home. It's what I do.

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      About how much does that cost?

      I doubt I could do it this time, but it sounds like a great idea for the future. I don't even have my gear with me at the moment--I'd have to get someone else to dig it out of storage and have them mail it on my behalf. I probably couldn't get anybody to reliably do that by the time I'm in Denver next week.


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        It depends on origin and destination zip codes and weight/size. You can calculate on their site.

        The other possibility is to try and meet up with someone in the area from here and borrow gear. We're a pretty tight knit community and like to help each other when we can

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